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How To Overcome Mental Health Issues

Published at 03/23/2012 01:05:26


There are millions upon millions of people who struggle with mental health issues. If you are one of the millions, you probably feel lost, confused and scared. Trying to overcome psychological issues can seem impossible, but it's not. The first step to freedom is a game plan.

Step 1

Speak to a mental health professional. This should always be the first step in overcoming mental health issues. A trained professional in the mental health industry can provide counseling, therapy and any prescription medications to control symptoms. However, be aware that just because you may work with a counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist, your symptoms will not disappear overnight. For some, receiving help from the mental health industry will be a life-long need. But working with professionals you are guaranteed to receive the tools, resources and support you need to live a more productive and stress-free life.

Step 2

Read mental health literature. Getting all the information you can on your disorder or illness can really help with assistance. The more you know and understand your symptoms, the better you can overcome mental health issues. There is also a peaceful feeling knowing the reason for your symptoms, as it takes away a lot of the self-blame that people with mental illnesses or personality disorders often have. Another benefit to mental health books and websites, is these are things you can pass on to friends and loved ones, so they can understand you and your struggles better.

Step 3

Have a strong support system. Anyone in the mental health profession will tell you if a person has a strong and positive support system, this can aid them greatly in dealing with their mental health issues. But the truth is not everyone has a good support system. An even worse and realistic scenario is people struggling with issues, are surrounded by people who are dangerous to their recovery. In this case, speak to a counselor or resource agency to find support groups for people also struggling with mental health problems. There are also online support forums where people with the same disorder or illness can share and provide support to one another. When you know you are not alone, you will find that you can find the courage and strength you need to better control your symptoms.

Step 4

Do things that you enjoy. Many people who struggle with mental health issues with either fall into a deep depression leaving them with no motivation for anything, or they will self-medicate with drugs and/or alcohol. The reason for this is without outside help, the symptoms can be overwhelming and simply impossible to deal with. The best and the most healthy way of not letting your symptoms overtake you is to regularly distract yourself with hobbies and safe activities that you enjoy.

Step 5

Eat right, sleep well and get plenty of exercise. All of these things will help in keeping you healthy, and when you're healthy, you can expect better success with your mental health issues.


There are many options for finding mental health support. If you have health insurance, check your policy to find out what coverage is available to you.  For those who cannot afford private insurance, there are government-funded programs for people at lower income levels. In many towns and cities, you can find mental health clinics that allow you to pay on a sliding scale - which means you pay what you can afford.


The truth is, most mental conditions will last for a lifetime. But don't let that news discourage you, as there are an untold amount of people with psychological issues living happy and successful lives. How they got there is by overcoming their mental health issues.


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