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Published at 03/15/2012 17:59:04


The mental health of a person is as important as his/her physical health. Although mental health issues are not visible in the same way when there is a flu virus outbreak,  they are there and the problems are very real. In addition, the importance attached to mental health issues such as depression or a bipolar disorder, is often not regarded as serious, requiring medical attention and even support from policymakers.

There is not much evidence to suggest the first existence of mental health issues in the olden times. However, they were indeed present from the time of the Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations using the theory that melancholy and hysteria were mental health issues at that time. Later on, the challenge was to look for treatments to these mental health issues such as spells, body fluids, witchcraft and black magic. The convergence of mental health issues in other cultures also differed as well as their approach on the subject. In some countries, herbal medicine is used to treat mental health issues while in other countries, they are not even acknowledged nor treated.


Today, mental health issues are recognized as a sickness like no other and treatments involve medication, counseling and family therapy. The latter involves the strong participation of family members and the society to lessen the burden. True, the stigma and aloofness by people who shun people with mental health issues have decreased over time. Acceptance is more prevalent than before.

A lot of victims with mental health issues are attended closely by primary caregivers such as psychologists, psychiatrists, and counselors. To get support for mental health issues, patients are cared for in therapy clinics, rehabilitation centers, or hospitals with a mental ward. In this regard, victims and family members of patients affected by mental health issues have to be informed of what is happening in the field of mental health and psychology.

One of the ways to be informed of whats happening with mental health issues is to read science journals that publish research and results for release to the public. There are also other websites that sell their research papers and quantitative studies as a hard copy or a download. These scientific journals are found on Scirus and are useful for researchers and health care workers in the field of mental health.

Another way to get informed on mental health issues is to look at the National Alliance on Mental Issues (NAMI), a nonprofit organization that looks after the well-being of patients and victims. You can get practical advice on how to deal with mental issues and to find support/resources for this type of illness.

The National Institute of Health is an authoritative site that publishes everything regarding mental health issues including breakthroughs in treatments and future researches. NIH Medline plus Magazine is one of the magazines that is a reliable source discussing various topics and issues. It not only covers mental health issues, but other concerns as well such as cancer, diabetes and cardiac problems. Print magazines that address mental health issues include Prevention and Redbook.


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