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What are mental health problems? One sensitive issue which when not dealt with proper attention is followed with serious complications and thus leading to undesirable consequences within the family. The mental health problems can thus be defined as a state of psychological and mental comfort which enables an individual to utilize his intellectual and emotional capabilities and embrace the everyday common life in a normal manner.

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To elaborate further mental health envisages the state of mind in which in individual has the capability to maintain control over aspects of the thoughts and feelings and the individual is able to lead an independent life with confidence. Healthy individuals feel good about themselves can do everyday chores easily and enjoy all around the community and surroundings. But when someone gets ill mentally, the everyday life may become very difficult for them, keeping them confused and upset for a lot of time. Their habits and actions might seem normal to them but to the other individuals, they might come out to be quite strange.

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So, while analyzing the problem mental health, parenting has to get along with while maintaining a balance of vigilance and also letting go, special care must be taken when a child’s mental health is at stake, as it can be very critical for the parents to know when and how to start handling the mental health problems specifically.

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To be more particular same should be the consideration when parents have to deal with the problem of son’s mental health. In very severe cases parents often get the idea of getting the help to their sons after a suicide attempt is committed by the son, and that is just the beginning of the mental health problems.

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Definitely, knowing about the existence of the mental health problems is the beginning of the process, the solution and the cure has to follow. It is very much pertinent to know and understand the vital aspects which can help to identify the problem of the mental state of your son. The first of them is to see whether your teen is getting ample sleep or not? Then, the maintenance of the state of interest in the activities your son used to do?

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Keep a check whether is there not any drastic change in that? Then have your son started feeling excessive worthless feelings without any reasons or guilty feelings. Another sign of mental health problems is the loss of concentration and decision making power? Is he getting tired unusually? Loss of appetite is also the major factor leading to the mental health problems? And most importantly but very tricky to observe, as said before also, that is your son thinking about death, very often?


Revelation of any of these signs means that your son is suffering with mental health problems and not to be taken care of very seriously, which means that an appropriate medical or mental health practitioner is the start of the solution.

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A professional counselor in the community or school, a psychiatrist who has specialized working with children and teens can be good options to handle the mental health problems of your son.

By Vlad Dake, published at 03/22/2012
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