About a Vitamins Life Expectancy
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About a Vitamins Life Expectancy

Published at 03/29/2012 14:48:54

Can Vitamins Prolong Life

About a Vitamins Life Expectancy

Everyone dies. This is a known fact that no one can change. Death doesn’t care about your age, gender, race or significance to the world. So far, no one has lived for more than 200 years old. The lifespan of people are said to have decreased over the ages.

With this eternal truth which is death, man has always tried to find ways to at least extend the only life he has. People eat to survive. The foods that people eat are keeping them alive. This is also what gave man an idea on how to prolong his stay above this earth. Nourishment is what people need to extend few more days, months, and years to his life.

But because not all the right amount of vitamins and minerals are found in the food that some people are able to eat, vitamins life and diet supplements are also recommended to take.

Vitamins: The Good And The Bad

About a Vitamins Life Expectancy

The foods that we eat contain vitamins, minerals and other types of nutrients that help people increase their life expectancy. But these vitamins and minerals might not be present in the food available to everyone. There is a recommended amount of vitamins and minerals that people are trying to observe in order to have the best health condition the body can have.

To supplement the need of the right amount of vitamins life, many people believe that taking in those supplements and vitamins regularly will increase their life expectancy. Many think that meeting the recommended amount of nutrients in the body with the help of vitamins is doing them great things in terms of prolonged life expectancy.


Vitamins are in themselves beneficial for the body. The right amount of vitamins life taken can rid people of some diseases and illnesses. There are vitamins that can promote good health by boosting the immune system so it can withstand the many common disease attacks. Some vitamins are also said to improve certain functions in the body like mental activities, eyesight, and give you much energy.

But in spite of the many benefits of the vitamins, some people believe that these can’t prolong life. Some would even contend that vitamins can even shorten one’s life expectancy.

Vitamins Can Be Lethal

About a Vitamins Life Expectancy

It is indeed surprising to learn that the same vitamins that you are taking to protect yourself from diseases and sicknesses are not helping you prolong life. Instead of helping you live longer, those vitamins you are regularly taking might be the cause of your short years left to live.

There were studies and researches that have been conducted to strengthen the validity of this claim. Some show that those vitamins life with vitamin B6, folic acid, iron, magnesium, copper, zinc and those multivitamins are really inviting death to pick you up sooner.

Think Before You Act

Taking vitamins can surely help people with the prevention of some diseases to occur. But just because you are taking these vitamins it should not give you the idea that you are going to have a higher life expectancy. If the reports are true, vitamins life may not help you in living a longer life but instead it might introduce you to Death earlier than scheduled.


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