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Women And Their Breasts

Women all over the world are concerned about making sure her breast are in good condition for a lot of reasons. That it is why they take care of them to always make them healthy. A healthy breast is important not just for health but also for breastfeeding purposes. Mothers are concerned about having healthy breasts mainly because of the health of their children when they breastfeed them.

Diseases of the Breasts

In the effort to make their breast as healthy as possible, knowing what types of breast diseases images that can hit them is important for women. Taking care of their breasts’ health will be useless if they are not aware of what they need to be careful about.

Here are some examples of disease images that may affect women’s breasts. This is just a few of them and many can still happen. But, these are the common ones:

1. Breast Tumor – This type of condition of the breast should not be taken lightly and must be consulted with a surgeon. What happens is that there is a mass that grows in your breast and can be very detrimental to the health. The lump can either be malignant or benign. If possible, it has to be removed by a pathologist.

2. Abscess of Breast – Those who are suffering from this disease images will feel a very painful swelling on the breast that can be very painful every time there is contact. Puss can build up on the swelling, too.

3. Chronic Cystic Mastitis – Degeneration of the breast ducts or known as lobules happens with this type of disease. This caused by the changes in the estrogen level of the blood. Women who are at the age of 35 are at high risk when hitting this age.

Let The Symptoms Tell You

These breast diseases images or disorders can be determined because of their symptoms. Changes in the size and the shape of the breast are one significant symptom of any breast disease. Some other symptoms can include nipple discharge, scaly skin on the affected breast, a lump in the armpit region, the reddening of the skin of the breast and some itching feeling. Pain in the breast can also be another sign that something is not right with the breast. These symptoms may also be present in cases of breast cancer but not all of them can lead to such deadly disease.

Examine Yourself Regularly

Aside from cancer in the breast, there are other diseases images that can harm a woman’s breast. These diseases should not be taken lightly since they are equally harmful to the health of women.

Making sure that your breasts are healthy and not prone to have these breast diseases must be encouraged. Checking your breast regularly for any lumps or mass can be very helpful to catch any early stage of breast disease.

By Cryogene Clooney, published at 02/15/2012
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