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Ways To Prevent Acne on Your Skin


Let us face it – the majority of teenagers and a sizeable chunk of the adult population suffer from acne. It affects both sexes, though maybe a greater number of women than men. Acne is caused by the blocking of pores on skin with sebum. Bacteria that are always present on skin feed on this sebum, and the body tries to ward them off causing infections which appear as acne. This only gets worse when you live or work in an area that has a lot of dust or pollution, or when you sweat a lot. Acne on skin not only looks bad and cause embarrassment, but they leave blemishes as well. Here are some tips to prevent acne:


Avoid touching your face. Our hands are always 'dirty,' so if your skin is prone to acne, try not to touch your face unless you absolutely have to.

The same applies to hair – tie them back so that they do not fall on your face. If you suffer from dandruff, know that this only worsens acne, so try to get rid of it by using oil or special shampoos or any of the other remedies that can easily be prepared at home.

Also, try to sleep on your back, as the oil from your bed sheets and pillow can rub off on skin. This may be difficult if you are used to sleeping on your belly, but it is guaranteed that you will see results if you try this.


Your mobile phone also carries germs and oils, so clean it with some alcohol on a swab of cotton (though you should check whether that is okay for your phone) and keep it away from the skin of your cheek!

Wash your face with mild soap or face wash, but make sure that you do not overdo this. If you must, wash your face plenty of times in the day with plain water. If your skin gets too dry, it will only produce more oil to compensate for what has been lost, leading to more acne on skin. However, be sure to not let sweat stay on your skin for long – this is especially important if you are the sporty type or live in a tropical, hot and humid climate.

Never go to bed with your make-up on. Though, it may be tempting to just hit the sack after a long and tiring day or a late night party, promise yourself that you will not let the make-up stay on the skin for longer than it needs to be. This is a major reason for clogging of pores and leads to more acne.

Tips and Comments

You surely may have heard about this from a number of people - do not pinch, scratch or burst pimples. It only hurts the skin, leaves it red and sore and may result in a permanent scar or mark.

See a doctor. If acne troubles you more than it should, it could be a hormonal problem. Consult an expert about the skincare products which are suited for your skin type.


By Smita, published at 02/29/2012
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