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What Is the Best Way To Get Rid Of Acne

What is Acne?

Acne is a skin disease that is associated with the oil glands of the skin. Acne develops when pores get blocked and infected. This type of skin inflammation usually appears on the person's face, back, shoulders, chest, or neck. Acne is not dangerous, but it can leave ugly scars on the skin.

Acne can affect people of all races and ages. Although it most commonly affects adolescents and young adults, some people in their fifties may also get acne.

Experts believe that the primary cause of acne is the rise of androgen levels. androgen is a type of hormone. When the androgen level rises it makes the oil glands under the skin grow. when the gland enlarges it produces more oil which causes the cellular walls in the pores to break down causing the bacteria to grow. Some studies also show that best acne may be caused by genetics.

Best Treatment for Acne

Treating acne depends on how severe it is. When treating mild acne, one may buy an over the counter medication at the pharmacy without a doctor's prescription. The best acne medications may be in the form of soap, lotions, creams, and gels. Most of the over the counter acne treatments may contain active ingredients to treat and rid acne such as.

Benzoyl peroxide is an ingredient that kills bacteria and slows down the production of oil of the gland. When this is applied to the skin it causes dead skin to peel, clearing the pores and accelerates the skin turnover. Salicylic acid prevents the pores from being blocked and at the same time it allows new room for new cells to grow.

On the other hand, while treating severe acne one should consider consulting a dermatologist. The skin specialist may then be able to prescribe antibiotics to prevent the growth of the bacteria and to reduce the inflammation. The most common antibiotics that is usually prescribed to patients are erythromyocin and tetracycline.

Here are some preventative measures to prevent your skin from breaking out:

  • Wash your face with mild soap twice a day.
  • Don't burst your pimples. You are most likely to cause more swelling and redness to the skin and infection may further down. This is one of the best acne removal.
  • Keep your hands clean at all times. Make it a habit of thoroughly washing your hands with antibacterial soap. We tend to touch our faces every now and then and dirty hands may cause bacteria and dirt to clog into our faces' pores.
  • Exercise. A great way to relieve stress. Stress prompts the skin to crank up and this causes skin breakout. Work up a sweat, sweating helps clear up the pores and unclogs dirt.
  • Do not forget to shower after an outside activity. After you exercise, go in for a quick shower to get rid of dead skin cells and salt due to sweating.


Your hectic and busy lives may sometimes make you forget some of the smallest aspect of hygiene, but maintaining proper and good hygiene combined with healthy diet and lifestyle will is also one of the best acne treatments.

Sometimes women may forget to wash their faces and remove their makeup after a tiring day's work. When makeup stays on the face for more than 24 hours,  it clog the pores and causes pimples.

Always remember to cleanse your face before going to bed.

By Greggy Rick Go, published at 02/22/2012
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