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The Benefits Of Vitamin C And Vitamin D


Intake of right amount of nutrition is essential for a healthy body and life. Each nutrient has its own importance by serving the various needs of the body. Eventually, vitamins offer their own benefits to the health in numerous ways. Vitamins are classified into 6 types and include, Vitamin A, B, C, D, E and K. Vitamin C and Vitamin D are two different forms of vitamins. The former is a water soluble vitamin and the later is a fat soluble vitamin.

Vitamin C and Vitamin D

The source of foods that contains these vitamins is contradictory to each other. Fruits are rich in vitamin C, where the vitamin D is found mainly in fish foods. Further, when you compare the vitamin C and vitamin D, the quantum of these nutrients required by the body completely varies. While intake of more fruits and vegetables are required for getting vitamin C, exposure to sunlight is more than sufficient to get the vitamin D. However, both Vitamin C and Vitamin D caters to the numerous requirements of the health. Here is the brief outlook on numerous benefits of Vitamin C and Vitamin D:

Benefits of Vitamin C and Vitamin D

Vitamin C benefits:

Vitamin C is known for offering extraordinary health benefits to the skin. It treats acne by cleansing the skin and removing the acne from the roots. Further, it also treats the acne scars by diminishing them. People with dry skin can enhance the moisture content of the skin with vitamin C. Further, it also acts as an anti-aging factor by enhancing the health and elasticity of the skin. It act as a detoxification agent by removing the waste from the internal layers of skin and helps generation of new skin. On the whole, it helps maintaining a fresh, younger and healthy skin.

It gives a good structure to the bones, teeth, muscles and several other connective tissues for developing and maintaining good strength.

It prevents from free radicals, which in turns assist in enhancing the functionality of the cardio vascular system by enhanced metabolic activities.

All foods rich in vitamin C also contain anti-oxidants, which are essential for any individual.

Vitamin D benefits:

The most crucial aspect that necessitates taking vitamin D is absorption of calcium. No individual can get the required amount of calcium for proper and stronger bone health without vitamin D. Intake of good amount of vitamin D not only helps in absorption of calcium, but also generates good density in the bones.

Vitamin D is a natural immunity booster. It boosts the immune system to fight against infections and diseases.

Active vitamin D in the body is yet another factor that helps secretion insulin, which is a major concern of majority of population across the globe. Lack of insulin secretion or insulin deficiency is the major cause of diabetes, which can be prevented by taking vitamin D. It helps in secretion of insulin even when the body demands more.

It also assist in reducing the high level of blood pressure and treats hypertension.

Tips and comments

Vitamin C, being a water soluble vitamin tends to lose its nutrient and power when it is cooked. Eventually, it is found in abundant in raw foods like fresh fruits, tomatoes, berries, etc.

Vitamin D is a sunshine vitamin, which can be obtained easily from sun exposure. Minimal sun exposure for few minutes a day either in the morning or evening provides required amount of vitamin D.

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