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How To Access the Services Conference

Published at 03/20/2012 15:25:37


The Global Services Conference may appear in many forms and domains such as European Social Services Conference or Youth Services Conference. The Global Services Conference is the largest summit of the year and on its attendance list appear some of the most wealthy and powerful people in the world. This year’s Global Services Conference is held in New York City at the InterContinental New York Barclay. This year’s conference will focus on “ways to build and sustain excellence in IT outsourcing in order to enable several organizations to achieve competitive advantage”. How can you attend this conference? It’s simple! By following a few simple steps you will have your own seat booked for this annual Global Services Conference.

Step 1

1. Open any Internet browser and access the Google search engine. Here you will need to type in “global services conference 2012” and hit Enter. The search engine will return you several pages related to the event, but I suggest using because it is the events official page and here you are certain that you’ll make your booking accordingly.

Step 2

2. Here on the website you will find all sorts of information s about the annual Services Conference, such as summit’s locations, people attending, topics that will be covered and of course the Conference’s theme. Once you have entered the website I recommend searching for the Register button because you might get caught in reading the information and navigate on other pages. It should be located in the lower section of the document.

Step 3

3. After you have hit the “Register” button you will need to fill in some fields regarding your personal information. Here you will be asked about your name, age, title, work title, address, country, etc. and about your payment method (by Credit Card, PayPal, bank transfer, etc.)

Step 4

4. By filling the fields with your personal data and agreeing with the websites Terms & Conditions you will make a booking for yourself at the 2012 Global Services Conference. Now you will have to find and book a room in a hotel from New York City, where you will stay on the whole Conference’s length (because the Conference itself will be held in a hotel I recommend booking a room in that specific hotel in order to avoid traffic and risk being late for it).

Step 5

5. The last step you need to make is getting to New York City. Depending of your location there are several ways to arrive at New York, but the fastest and cheapest way is, I think, by airplane. New York features several top airports in the world and is known for its ease in getting to the hotel because of the hundreds of taxies that take people from the air base to their hotels.

Another thing for you to remember is that people all over the world will participate in this annual Services Conference thus several people of many religions and with a variety of customs will cross paths with you so you should be careful about your conduit.




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