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In our scholastic lives we would come to that point where we wanted to achieve a higher status. One that would usually determine what path we would walk through for the rest of our lives. It is that point where we need to be serious with our decision and one that you would enjoy so that you will not lose track half-way throughout the course. It can be tough, and bumpy span of years so in line with it being enjoyable, you would need a university comfortable for you in terms of location. If you live at the northern part of your country, northern universities are definitely for you.


A university is an institution of higher education which offers a variety of academic degrees for you to choose from. Since it is such an important phase in terms of academics, even the parents would definitely find ways to get their kid in a university. A lot of dormitories can be spotted near universities because there are plenty of students whose homes are actually far away from the university so they opt to stay in a dorm. Especially to those universities with such a high reputation, students would also want to study there. But still, it does not mean that if you did not graduate from a known school you would not get a good job. Like the northern universities, which are there for students from the northern side of the country or even those who just want to experience, they offer the same amount of quality education like any other university.


Of course for every university, there are plenty of organizations available for both the students and even the professors themselves! It is so that the university will not leave an image to the people as something that they are forced to do. The university can also be a place to hold many memories by classmates or orgmates. Northern universities does not lack in this part either, they can also provide various available organizations.

In cases like in the northern parts of England or Ireland, there is the Northern Universities Consortium which is drawn from the Higher Education Institutions. It provides a forum for the practitioners in higher education with a high interest when it comes to the design.

The northern universities consortium works to share the best practice in the development of modularity, credit frameworks and academic frameworks which includes the assessment regulations and level descriptors, respond to national consultations and work with other consortia to resolve the issues which are common to the interest, be able to undertake specific projects that deliver the aims of the consortium and of course, to promote the staff development and mentorship.

The northern universities consortium’s activity is mainly focused on the provision on timely meetings which would lead to the discussion of the annual conference and workshop in order to support the areas which are relevant to the activities.

Tips and comments

Indeed, northern universities does not lack in services and such like in other universities in the south or main cities have. When you live in the north but you would like to get accepted in a well known university because of the name, try and think about your convenience as well. All universities have a weak point and definitely distance is one of them. Have northern universities be a part of your choices in entering a university now!

By Southern Bell, published at 04/05/2012
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