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What Steps Are Involved in Domain Registration?

Published at 03/13/2012 20:53:14


Before registering a domain, there is some basics step one needs to understand and follow. Your domain name is just like your name, which is what people will use to identify you online. I will be taking some few steps that will be a guide in registering a domain name.


You can choose to register different names in such a way that pleases you. But if you are looking to register a domain name that drives traffic, then you will need to register a memorable and catchy domain name. One Good example of a domain name that can drive massive traffic is; if the owner of the domain name is a very popular person. E.g. an actor, a president or a model, then you can choose to register the domain name in your own personal name.


. For example, if the president of America wants to register a domain name, he can choose to register the domain name with his personal name like This name will drive massive traffic because he is a popular and well-known person. In such a case that you are not the type then you need to look for a short and memorable domain name that can pull crowd.

Tips and comments

When choosing this domain, do all best to make it simple, short and precise so anyone, anywhere could easily remember. You can do it to the extent of telling a friend the domain name and call him maybe some days later to ask if he really remember.

The most important aspect of registering a domain name is choosing the best extension for your domain. Believe me, people prefer using the dot com (.com) often than any other extension. When you register your domain name with the dot com extension, you are sure that people will easily remember your domain name. Do you that, at times people will remember your domain name but will not remember the extension, that is why It is always advisable to use a dot com domain because that is the first thing anybody will type when searching for your domain name.

When registering a domain name for a particular product or service, then your domain name should speak for your product or service. For example if your service is delivering of bread. You should think of a domain name that is catchy and include bread. Let assume the name of your business is toms bread; in this case, your domain name should be With this type of domain, your website will easily get indexed by search engine and this is a way of improving your profit margin.

After all these, the next step is to look for a good domain registrar with good benefits. This is the place where most individual miss out, after going through the stress of looking for a short and memorable domain name, they end up registering their domain name with some unreliable domain registrar. I will advise you to do a thorough research of different domain registrar before attempting to register your domain. We have thousands of domain registrars out there on the internet with different benefits. But, I will recommend, and any other you feel its okay.


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