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What Is the Best Email For Teens?


For email options for teens, there are a few different websites that you may consider. If you are looking for an email host that offers tons of features and ability to connect with your friends, Gmail is a great choice. For email accounts at Gmail, the sign up process is easy and takes only a few minutes. Teens can use this as their primary email for communication with friends, family, school, and work. If others you know are also using Gmail as their email provider, you can use their simple instant messaging feature to connect in real time without having to send emails back and forth.


Gmail first began in beta phase in March 2004. For five years, Gmail beta made changes and improved their features to bring you the Gmail of today. Originally, you could only gain access to a Gmail account by receiving a special invitation from others who had a Gmail email account. Now, for email registration to Gmail, it is available to anyone. What started as a basic email provider has now expanded into something much more than that. Gmail is the perfect option for teens because it allows you to easily connect with your friends, something that is very important to the younger generations of today.


Teens love to be able to stay in touch and connect with ease to their friends and peers. With a great email service, doing this and so much more has never been easier. For email accounts with Gmail, teens have access to all of the great services that they offer. First and foremost, sending emails is simple with Gmail. Compose a message, enter in your recipient's email address, and hit send. Email accounts may even be required to communicate with your school teachers or co-workers. For email users with Gmail, you can use the fun feature called Google Talk. This feature is built right into your Gmail account, so there is no need to download software to your desktop. You can send instant messages back and forth to other Gmail users. There is also a voice and video function, so that you can video chat in real time on Gmail with friends and family. Gmail for email services also allow you to upload large attachments to your emails to send to others. Organize your emails in many different categories that you can create. The possibilities are endless for email accounts with Gmail. Teens will love all of the great features that this email provider offers.

Tips and comments

When signing up for email accounts, make sure to make the email address something easy that you will always remember. If this is an email address that you will be using from your teenage years and onward, choose something that is more professional, especially if you wil be supplying this email address to employers. Never give out your email address password to anyone, or you will run the risk of being hacked and having your personal emails read. Keep your emails organized in folders so that you can always find what you're looking for.

By Colleen Ross, published at 03/02/2012
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