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How To Find a List Of the Best Email Services

Published at 02/29/2012 19:53:50


You can get a list of email services by easily starting a simple web search. These days most people have email addresses to keep in touch with family, friends, and business acquaintances. There are many different email services out there, each one offering you something a little different. A list email services will give you an idea of the most popular, well-known, and most used email services out there. Whether you are looking for a free email account, business email account, or paid services, the list email services websites will give you a few places to check out for your email account wants and needs.

Step 1

Go to Google or your preferred search engine and begin a search for the best list email services. You can simply type in, "list of email providers" in the search engine box and click to search. Your search will then come with back pages upon pages of results that match your search terms. The most visited websites will be at the top of your results list. Skim through the results to see if there are any websites that have list email services. Just click on a few links to see what email providers they know of and recommend.

Step 2

Visit to see a comparison list email of the most popular providers. Once on the Wikipedia website, type in, "comparison of webmail providers" into the search box. You should then be taken to a helpful list email guide that names many different email service providers in alphabetical order. In the list email, you will be able to see the name of the service, the link, cost, storage space, features, and more. Before creating an email account, check out this list to compare the different email services and choose one that works with your needs.

Step 3

Some of the most popular email services include Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and AOL Mail. These services are all free and some offer paid membership for extra features and storage space. If you use your email frequently for work purposes, a paid email account may be the best option for you. If you are simply looking to create an every day email account, a free service will be fine. Gmail, the most popular email service, offers 7.5 GB of storage space, different email viewing settings, and more.


Step 4

Other ways that you can find list email services is to ask your friends what services they use. If someone can recommend an excellent email provider that they are happy with, you are more likely to go with the same one. Some people have several different email providers that they like, so gather up a list email services and check out the websites before choosing where to host your email account.

Step 5

After you have found a list email services, you can begin to check out each provider and choose which one will be the right choice for you. Then you can sign up for an account and set up all of your profile preferences. Choose and email account name that you will remember, as this is what you will use when signing up on different sites, for programs, and more.


Select an email provider that is well-known and reliable. You don't want your emails getting lost or accidentally deleted due to a non-reliable host.

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