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How To Sign in With Mail Google Com

Published at 03/01/2012 16:24:09


Google has many online services and one of them is email service known as gmail. To use mail google com service, you need to first register yourself with the service provider that is with Google. During registration process, you need to provide your personal details like name, age and country.

Step 1

To open a gmail account, you also need to provide a security question and answer to protect your account because if you forget or lose your password then with the help of the security question you can get your gmail account back. For security of gmail account, the service provider also requests mobile number during registration which helps them to verify the actual user. If possible, you should also provide an alternate email id for additional security.

Step 2

For security of your account mobile number is really very helpful because if someone hacks your mail google com account than the service provider immediately sends an sms on the mobile number to notify the user that the password of their gmail account has been changed which helps a user to report the matter back to google so that the account can be retrieved from the hacker.

Step 3

Once you have registered yourself for mail google com account you can sign-in into your account by typing or mail google com in your browser. On the login page, you have to enter your username and password which will help you to get into your gmail account. Once you are logged-in, you can start sending emails to your friends and relatives.

Step 4

If you want to sign in to your gmail account through a mobile device then you need to type in the default browser of your mobile phone. You can also use opera-mini mobile browser for accessing your mail google com account.

Step 5

If you face problem while signing-up then you can use ‘Can’t access your account’ link which is on the login page. By answering the security question, you will get back your password on your mobile or through an alternate email id.

Tips and Comments

You can also sign in to your mail google com through various desktop email clients. You just have to configure POP and SMTP options in your email client to access your gmail account and for this you have to add ‘’ with port number 995 and ‘’ with port number 465. In the email client, you also have to save your mail google com user id and password. You also need to enable pop access in your gmail account so that all emails can be forwarded to your desktop email client.

It is very easy to sign in into your mail google com account but it is important that you should never disclose your password to anyone. You should remember the security answer that you provided during signup. Avoid using ‘Stay signed in’ option while using public computer. While accessing your mail google com account through a cyber café or at a friends place make sure to turn-off the password manager option in the browser or else your mail google com account might get hacked or someone may read your emails regularly. 


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