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Ads are generally what advertisers use to capture potential clients online. Thousands of advertisers are beginning to use ads on the web and have their own life cycle also. Statistics has shown that people who click on an ads don’t do that the first time they see it. It sometimes time take persistent for the ads to be clicked by potential customers. They more time people see an ads on the internet, they more likely they are to click on it.


This is where googleads comes in. Google sees the ads network through its lens and today google has finally launched what is called the googleads. The google ads has different types of ads network; such like the google adsense and the google adwords.

Googleads has been the most widely use by people all over the world over the recent years. The use of googleads by both the advertisers and publishers has increased the target area of google and re-structuring their googleads services. I will be shedding more light on the googleads networks which are google adsense and google adwords.


Google AdSense is an easy way to earn money from your online content either on your blog or your website. Simply display relevant and engaging ads on your website, mobile sites, videos and youtube. Thousands of people on the internet has benefited from the google adsense program especially potential bloggers. Setiing up a google adsense account is very simple which anyone can do if you have an internet enabled laptop.

All you need do is to first of all create a blog or website, this is the first requirement. You need to have a little e html experience before you can do this or you can hire a webmaster to help you get this done. But, if you are planning to do it yourself and you know nothing about html, there is still a way out. Google has made it easy for bloggers all over the world to make money with their adsense program if all requirements are met.

Tips and comments

Setting up a blog without any html experience will require you to have a gmail account which anybody can open even a dummy can do that. After that, you go straight to On blogger, you will be required to create a blog with your gmail account. When you click on the create account button, it will open up a page where you will be ask to fill in some basic information like your name, state, city, country and date of birth.

After all these, you will be prompted to choose a unique name for your blog. If you are looking to set up a sporting blog, then you can be the title of your blog “all about sports”, after which you will be required to choose a url.

Please, make sure you read all the terms and conditions provided by google pertaining to their googleads network or else you will get banned if you violate any of the ggogleads rule. Google has made it very easy for anyone without any html experience to set up a blog with blogger in order to make money with google adsense.

By enoch oluwafemi bolarinwa, published at 03/17/2012
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