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If you have become caught up in the Internet and decided to have a go at your own website, you will need to start looking for web hosting. Web hosting providers will provide you with your own space for websites. Basically, you rent this space unless you choose to go with a free hosting provider. Free hosting services can work out for some people, but you may experience more servers down time and have to put up with ads on your website placed by the hosting service. Most professional webmasters prefer to pay a small fee for a web hosting provider with a good reputation, great service and excellent servers. If you are just beginning to look for a web hosting service, you should explore several different companies that offer different prices, packages and services. Let’s take a look at three highly recommended companies for web hosting.

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The top of the list for web hosting in 2012 is JustHost. Two of the most important features needed for a web hosting provider are support and uptime. JustHost is considered to be one of the best hosting sites for these features worldwide. The amazing thing is they somehow manage to provide great service at a low price of just $3.75.

You get unlimited disk space, as many email accounts as you want, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited SQL databases in addition to as many domains as you want from just one account. Each customer receives $75 in free Miva, Yahoo and Google credits. You do not even have to come up with your own website building software. JustHost provides the software, templates, script library, e-commerce shopping carts and free video tutorials for getting started. With all the freebies, wonderful customer service and excellent uptime of 98 percent, you might do very well to check out JustHost for hosting your next website.


Step 2

BlueHost comes in second for web hosting with an amazing uptime of 95 percent. You will find them to be highly competitive with a base price of just $3.95. They offer one-click installation and great customer service. You can also appreciate their money-back guarantee that never expires. Just like JustHost, you can get the unlimited bandwidth, unlimited hosting space and free domain names. Webmasters looking for extra goodies can take advantage of cPanel at BlueHost.


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HostMonster comes in at number three for web hosting in 2012. It falls into the same unbelievably low price of $3.95. For a web hosting provider in business since 1996 and 1,000,000 customers, they are definitely one of the best values to be found today.

Features included in hosting packages at HostMonster are free setups, unlimited disk space and as much bandwidth as you need. You can easily get your site up and running using their free site builder filled with more than 50 installed scripts. Take advantage of several free ad credits, and enjoy a solid 93 percent uptime.



When searching for new web hosting, look for companies that have been in business for several years. These are the ones that have already worked out the bugs in their systems and have smoothed the way for easy hosting to customers. Read service packages carefully to know exactly what features you will get and what is not included before signing up for web hosting.

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By Janet Zurr, published at 03/28/2012
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