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Learning English can be done perfectly by listening to English songs and mastering the meaning as depicted by the flow of words as an alternative to reading, grammar and writing. The process of learning English from songs involves watching English music videos that have got lyrics so that you can be able to listen to the song, associate images related to that song as well as read along. You may actually find that one of the best ways to grasp or remember the English vocabulary and grammar that you hear in music lyrics most often will be by turning on the radio and then putting on an English CD so that you can listen to it. It has been discovered by the BPS Research Digest that the easiest way to remember the English words or words of any other language is by setting the words to music. That is because the process is more emotionally engaging and the words have been structured in a manner that makes it a lot easier for one to be able to segment the information and then memorize it.


There are many songs that you can use to learn English, some which include If I had a Million Ladies by the Barenaked Ladies, Apologize by One Republic and Ironic by Alanis Morissette. These songs are quite straight to the point, the grammar used is mostly good and they are quite easy to follow. But the best song ever that you will easily use to learn English is If I Were a Boy by Beyonce Knowles. It is the lead single from her music album known as ‘I am Sasha Fierce’.
If I Were a Boy is really a great song that demonstrates the usage of the second conditional. The grammar that has been used in the song shows a present situation that is not real. Beyonce who is the singer of the song imagines of what she would be able to do and how she would be in the event that she was a man, but she is not. The words that are used in the song use the second conditional so that the singer’s opinion about the difference between men and women and how they behave is brought out clearly. In the song, you will notice that there is the usage of the phrase If I Were as opposed to If I Was basically because the singer is talking about an imaginary situation that never happened. She would have used If I Was in if she was talking about a real situation that happened in the past.


To help you understand the distinction between the two phrases, check out the examples below:

Simple Past: It was very cold yesterday.

Second conditional: If it were very cold yesterday, I would have stayed indoors.

From the above examples it is clear that the statement in the simple past tense talks of a real situation that happened the day before but the statement that uses the second conditional talks of an imaginary situation that never happened.

Tips and comments

So you will need to turn up your speakers and prepare to learn English by listening to songs for it is the faster way to learn English. You should always remember to focus on specific forms of grammar.

By Smita, published at 03/22/2012
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