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The Best Clothing Options For Toddlers


When shopping for toddlers clothing, you want to make sure that you know everything that is needed to select the perfect outfit. 

Step 1

One of the first things that you will want to do is to have your toddler measures by a professional. Some upscale children's clothing stores offer this as a standard service for your child for free! By having your toddler measured you are assuring that you are getting your toddlers clothes in the correct sizes that need to be. Some toddlers may be a size 4 shirt but still a size 3 in pants, or vice versa. Some children may have a straight waist but broad and large shoulders making their sizes unproportioned. This is why your toddlers clothing need to be an appropriate fit!


Step 2

Look for clothing and have comfort in mind. Most toddlers enjoying running, playing and being active. The best types of clothes to find are those that are tag less, and have no tag in the back. Tags can be itchy for toddlers and can even cause them to break out due to the material rubbing them the wrong way. The same rings true when looking for shorts, pants or undies for your toddlers clothing as well.

Step 3

Look for clothes that are stain resistant. As every parent knows clothing is bound to get stains but some clothes are more easily stained than others. Typically, jeans are easier to keep clean then those nicer looking khakis. Khakis are nice for toddlers, but try to avoid khakis other than for picture day (if you must). Even then send your child with a change of clothes so the khakis will not come home with grass stains and other miscellaneous food and drink on them.

Step 4

At that age, it is a good idea to bargain shop due to all the mess that a toddler can make to the brand new clothes. One way to do this is to shop at the Goodwill. The Goodwill a lot of times has clothing that are actually new with tags, however they are much cheaper than buying new ones at the children's store are!

Another suggestion is to go to church rummage or any other charitable sales. This is a great way to take clothes off other parents hands and while getting new ones of your own!


Step 5

Bid on EBay for a lot of toddler clothing in your child's sizes. A lot of times you may be able to get clothes that cost over $100.00 new, but may be able to get for less than $20.00 online!

Look on free cycle for free clothing that mommies are giving away just to make more room in their homes. Sometimes people may just not have any room to store their children's old clothing and just want someone else to come take them off their hands.

Check out O Stock, this is a website that offers a lot of everyday brands for a large discount and toddlers clothing are included on this website.



When searching for toddlers clothing the best idea is to not overspend, due to all the damage a toddler can cause to his or her clothing. When in doubt on what size your child is, be sure to have them sized as you do not want to waste money on clothing your child can not wear!

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