10 Amazing Tips For Baby Home
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10 Amazing Tips For Baby Home

Published at 03/19/2012 17:56:16


10 Amazing Tips For Baby Home

Expecting a new little one coming in to your life can be a very exciting experience. The months before the birth of your child, you will want to get your home baby ready. There are many things that will need to be done in preparation and some things that you may simply want to do. When you have an infant in your home, everything will need to be safe for your child. While they can not get around on their own at this age, all furnishings and baby items should be up to standard. Durng the months after your baby is born, they will become more mobile and other prepartions will need to be made in your baby home.

Step 1

When getting ready for the birth of your child, you should get together the nursery in your baby home. This will be your child's room from birth and up. When they are an infant, a few items that you will need are a crib, changing table, and dressers. Always buy your crib new or from a retailer that guarantees that their cribs are up with the current standards. Check re-call information for cribs online before buying one.

Step 2

Another thing that you will need to do to get your home baby ready, is to buy baby clothes. As a newborn, your baby may not need that many pairs of clothes, depending on how often you will do laundry. Only buy a few newborn outfits and more 0 to 3 month sizes.

Step 3

A baby home should also have the necessary items that you will need to bathe your child. Whether they will be taking a sponge bath or regular bath, there are baby tubs that accomodate both of these options. In addition to the tub, you will need baby shampoo, baby wash, baby lotion, powder, and baby oil.

Step 4

One of the most important things that you should have to prepare for a baby home, are diapers. You could be changing up to eight diapers a day, so it is important to always have a full stock of diapers in the right size. Popular brands include Huggies, Pampers, and Luvs.

Step 5

Paint the nursery a baby friendly color. In your baby home, the nursery may be where you child spends most of their time. Paint the walls a relaxing, yet stimulating color. Many people choose the color blue for a baby boys room and pink for a baby girls room.

Step 6

Have activities in your baby home for your child to do. Even as an infant, babies need stimulation throughout the day. A baby swing can keep them entertained and may even put your child to sleep. Other popular activities include bouncy chairs and play mats for tummy time.

Step 7

Bottles are an essential item for your baby home. If you will be bottle feeding your child, you will want to purchase a BPA free package of bottles for their age range. Fill these bottles with their recommended formula.

Step 8

Although your child will not be using this until they are a few months older, a high chair is something that you will eventually need to have in your baby home. Using a high chair is the easiest way to feed your child when they start having baby food and solids.

Step 9

Swaddle blankets will also be needed for the arrival of your new baby in your baby home. These blankets can be wrapped around your baby to make them feel safe and secure, as if they are still in the womb. Some babies love to be swaddled, while others may not enjoy it as much.

Step 10

The most important part about getting your home baby ready, is to baby proof the house. As your child gets older, he or she will be able to get into everything. Make sure that the locks on your doors can not be reached by the child, that there are locks on cabinets, and that chemicals are placed out of reach.


10 Amazing Tips For Baby Home

In addition to these tips, you can prepapre your home for your new baby however you see fit.

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