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About Home Windows Xp

Published at 03/29/2012 01:24:16


Before launching Windows XP Home edition, Microsoft had Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows Me. These operating systems were meant for home use. Microsoft had other versions for professional and corporate users such as Windows NT and Windows 2000 but they were devoid of multimedia players and games.

Window XP is a revolution over Window 2000 with many important additional features to satisfy all non- professionals and home users. The Windows XP has introduced many additional features which were not available before. It is more efficient and has stronger stability with 32 bit kernel over previous hybrid 16 bit/32 bit version of consumer Windows. Window XP has new support of additional hardware with more efficient software management.

Microsoft has released two main versions of Window XP, Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Home Editions. Home Windows XP Edition has subset features of Professional Window XP. However, there are few difference between these two editions of Window XP.

The Professional Window XP may belong to a group of computers under a Windows Server domain, where the group of computers are remotely managed by central server/ servers. The Home Windows XP edition can never be a part or include in such domain. Home Windows XP editions can never join a corporate domain. The reason behind this is that they do not have any group policy or machine account within a domain.

The Home Windows XP edition is followed by a scheme of simplified access control which never permits specific access to specific user on files under normal circumstance. This is permissible only under the Windows operating system of trouble shooting in safe mode. However, these features are allowed under the Professional Windows XP edition. The Professional Windows XP has software that allows users to control a PC over the Internet, which is impossible in the edition of Home Windows XP.


Professional Windows XP is equipped to encrypt a file system on the hard drive of a computer so that it cannot be read or used by another user. Professional Windows XP can save a copy of files from another computer on the network and can work on these files while it is disconnected from the network and link.

Professional Windows XP is meant for the professional users and is loaded with any features that are not included with Home Windows XP edition. They are:

  • More complicated features on Presentation of data, computation processes, which are important to the professional office works but inappropriate for home users.
  • Everything in a simplified basic users format is given with Home Windows XP where as it is loaded in more advanced and complicated form with professional Windows XP.

Tips and comments

The following features are included in the Windows XP Professional, but are absent in Windows XP Home Edition:

  • Networking
  • Corporate management
  • File system
  • Corporate security
  • User Interface
  • Advanced and power-users


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