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When during making an assignment or playing a game or making an online transaction your Windows crash or the network fails to connect it gets frustrating and you just don't understand where to bang your head or your PC. If your Windows are showing these problems this definitely means that your PC needs some servicing because of which it is showing slow performance. To speed up Windows you don't need to give your PC or laptop to a professional computer shop you can do it all by yourself, you just have to follow a couple of steps. 

Step 1

The main reason of Windows crashing is because when a lot of junk gathers and you don't delete it the Windows slow down and is not able to perform properly. To speed up Windows the first step would be to delete your history on daily basis and to get rid of the junk as well.

Step 2

Second step to speed up Windows is to keep the disk clean. Your hard disk would be full of files like songs, images, videos, downloaded material and some other files. Even if you don't save your program files to hard disk it automatically shifts there as temporary files. The best way to get rid of them is to use the Disk Clean up Tool. It helps to remove the entire files out of your system which you would not be able to delete personally.

Step 3

To speed up Windows you should keep a check on your Windows Registry for registry errors. This causes problems in a computer. If your PC doesn't work properly you should instantly check registry errors to fix the problem.

Step 4

Another method to speed up Windows is to install a powerful and proactive spyware removal tool which will keep your computer free of dangerous software which slow the performances on your PC. Spyware is a program which performs risky activities like tracking your online activities and downloading software which is risk to your Windows.

Step 5

There are some points that are to be kept because of which your Windows will run smoothly. To speed up Windows you should remove temporary Internet files, empty your recycle bin every other day, delete installed programs that are no longer in use, delete downloaded program files that are no longer in use like Microsoft ActiveX and Java applets. If you have tried ll the procedures then you should change your Windows and get a new Window 7.


These points should be followed as having a slow computer is annoying. The basic things to keep in mind which will speed up Windows is to keep your PC of junk and installed programs that are no longer in use. You wont have to install cleaning software. Now for people who use Windows 7 they can use Ready Boost system which will speed up Windows immediately.

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