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How To Use Sp2 Windows

Published at 03/25/2012 04:01:24


Windows XP works best for business and home use. Microsoft enhancemed and updated Windows XP with service packs.

Step 1

Service pack 2 (SP2) is an update for Windows XP for enhancing reliability and performance. You can keep your Windows XP operating system up to date by installing service packs. Computers are now becoming advanced and significant competent. but, there are still different problems that one has to face such as threats of viruses, worms and hackers. To safe your data and system from these threats you have to increase security of your system.

Step 2

So Microsoft gives a top priority to protection and security in their products and especially in the Windows XP. Microsoft provides security to their consumers in different manners and one of the best security provision from Microsoft is in the form of service pack 2 (Sp2 Windows). Sp2 Windows was the second version of Windows XP service packs and it was released on August 25, 2004. Sp2 Windows provides security in different manner with different features provision.

Step 3

You can use Sp2 Windows to increase your security and to protect your data and system from attacks. The main reason of Sp2 Windows released was to provide maximum security unlike the last version of Windows service pack SP1. Sp2 Windows provides a lot features to use such as pop-up blocker for Internet explorer, compatibility for encryption, Wi-Fi support with wizard and enhancement of Bluetooth.

Step 4

You can also use latest version of Sp2 Windows, if you want tight security for your operating system. These two new updates in Sp2 Windows were released in the year of 2006 and 2007. These two enhancement are also known as SP2b (service pack 2b) and SP2c (service pack 2c). One can use Sp2 Windows feature for the sake of updates and enhancement with reliability and security concerns. You can use Pop-up blocker feature of Sp2 Windows to show your message in the middle of your LCD.

Step 5

One can also use add-ons with Internet Explorer. This new Internet Explorer will help you to make the new add-on depending on your choice and needs of functions. Sp2 Windows can also be used to achieve feature of Windows Firewall. In this way you can protect your data that you want to transfer over on Internet. This provides you a best way to secure your data and computers from unauthorized access and users.

Tips and comments

Windows Firewall is by default enabled in Sp2 Windows and it has a built-in feature of antivirus alerts. Sp2 Windows provides an amazing feature to home users by the provision of Support and Security feature. This feature basically deals with the security related problem like threats updates and viruses and more.


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