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For a desktop, Windows XP is a very good and reliable operating system. Windows XP was created by Microsoft especially for desktop computers. People are always searching for a good and reliable operating system and until Windows 7 was lunched most people would use for their desktop Windows XP.

Using Windows XP on a desktop is the perfect choice because it has low requirements and it can run efficiently on almost any type of computer. Installing on a desktop Windows XP is also very easy the installation requires just a few steps to follow until completion.

Windows XP is very good operating system and it has a lot of updates that make it even better and secure than ever. If you have an old desktop Windows XP can provide a solid system and you can turn that old computer into a web server for your webpage. because it has low requirements you can install on a desktop Windows XP and it will only require a CPU that's faster than 400 MHz and that has only 256 of RAM.

On a desktop Windows XP is very reliable and stable because it uses the Windows NT features that prevent any system crashes. Using the NT platform Windows XP can avoid crashing even if a broken application is running. Previous versions of Windows didn't have this type of protection and the whole system could crash from an unstable application.

If your computer has a 32 bit processor then it is recommended for your desktop Windows XP which has excellent stability for 32 bit applications and also includes driver signing which is a seal that approves that your hardware components were tested in Windows XP. Using on a desktop Windows XP will bring you great connectivity and it is very easy to setup a home network using this operating system. Windows XP can create your Internet connection even during the installation, so you can immediately start to update your system and you can also begin browsing.

Even for an old desktop Windows XP has great media capabilities because it comes equipped with the Media Player application that will allow you to watch movies, listen to music and even burn CDs/DVDs. Entertainment is very important and you can entertain yourself by using on your desktop Windows XP. A very important feature of Windows XP is the user panel. You can add new users or you can create a user for all your family members and each of them will have their own desktop background to work on.


If you have a desktop computer and you want to install a good and reliable operating system then you must look for Windows XP especially if your desktop computer is old and cannot support Windows 7 or other operating systems that have high hardware requirements. Having a desktop computer is the best way to entertain yourself and those around you, and a computer that has Windows XP installed has also the possibility of running every game because Windows XP has great Direct X support.

By Bob Meadow, published at 03/16/2012
   Rating: 4/5 (11 votes)
About Xp Windows Desktop. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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