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How To Download Windows Xp From a Cd


This process helps guide you to download Windows XP Professional. The process to download Windows XP home edition is much like the professional edition. Since Windows XP Professional download is much more advanced operating-system, it will likely be accustomed to demonstrate cellular phone procedure.

All versions to download Windows XP Compact disc are bootable. To be able to boot from Compact disc/DVD-ROM you have to set the boot sequence. Search for the boot sequence beneath your BIOS setup and make certain the first boot system is set to Compact disc/DVD-ROM.

Step 1

Start your computer and download Windows XP Compact disc inside your Compact disc/DVD-ROM drive. Your Computer should instantly identify the Compact disc and you'll obtain message that says "Press any key as well from Compact disc". Shortly as computer begins start-up in the Compact disc your can get the next screen:

Step 2

At this time, it'll request you to definitely press F6 if you wish to install a 3rd party Raid or SCSI driver. If you work with an IDE Hard Disk then you don't need to press F6. If you work with a SCSI or SATA Hard disk then you definitely must press F6 otherwise Home Windows wont identify your Hard Disk throughout cellular phone. Normally, the motorists are provided on the Compact disc which you'll copy to some floppy disk prepared to be installed. If you're not sure how to get this done, then please read your system board manuals to learn more.

Step 3

After you have downloaded Windows XP, press S to specify that you would like to set up additional device.


Step 4

You'll be requested to place the floppy disk using the Raid or SCSI motorists. Press enter once you have placed the disk.

Step 5

You will notice a listing of Raid motorists for the Hard disk drive. Choose the right driver for the tool and press enter. You'll then obtain a Home Windows XP Professional Setup monitor. You will find the choice to perform a new Home Windows install, then Repair former install or quit. Since were carrying out new install you simply press Enter in carrying on.


Producers provide configuration Compact disks using the Acer Aspire 6930 laptop for motorists that support the body. By utilizing these Compact disks you are able to install the right driver in your system. After you have effectively installed Windows XP you may also install the motive force with the aid of the compact disc supplied with laptops. Furthermore, you will get setup Compact disks for the system on the market.

Setting up a person to download Windows XP is really a challenging task as well as a particular degree of technological awareness. Talking to a PC support company in the earliest is the greatest method of doing the work.

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