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A food saver is used to preserve any kind of food or meal. It is any container that is used to store fresh food. It can be in any form like freezer bags, plastic zipped bags, covered containers, cereal keepers, canisters, cookie tins and jars and more. These containers are very economical. There is another device under food saver and that is also used for food preservation, and is the food sealer. It is used to seal the containers with a vacuum seal. It removes the air from the bags that contain any food items and seal them air tight. This helps to increase the shelf life.

Step 1

Using a food saver has these advantages. They keep the food fresh for long time so we can retain freshness with the help of them. We can store food items so we can reduce wastage of food. This gives us a remarkable advantage of preserving meat and fish which was impossible in past. They come in different shape, size so we have ease of maintaining them. We can choose containers according to what we need to preserve. They offer safe and secure storage.

Step 2

Before selecting any food saver device, we must go for its quality, in order to have healthy and nutritious food. 

Step 3

The Food Saver should preserve food. Even the small amount of leftovers could be sealed and frozen with the help of it, and remain as fresh as cooked on the same day. It should eliminate the air out of the storage bag/can.

Step 4

The bag/can should be enclosed all-around, so that the food item is safe by preventing air from getting inside, which will minimize the likelihood of bacteria spreading on the food and causing it to spoil. Best food saver is the one which is able to store food for a much longer period of time.

Step 5

Today, automated food sealers are available that close off the bag and immediately turn off whenever all the air is discharged. Inside food saver device, everything should be secured.


Our usage is actually a question, as a buyer. It depends on how much food we are going to vacuum every day? Our food saver must be designed depending on our usage: light, medium, heavy or business. Our Food saver must be practically portable which we can bring anywhere. It should have built in roll holder and cutter, and with drip free tray and antibacterial surface that are easy to clean.


Food saver is not only very practical but very helpful around the kitchen. It keeps our meat, poultry and fish fresh and clean inside our fridge. It prevents bacteria to spread inside our food. It prolongs the storage life of our foods. but before purchasing any food saver we must see its quality features. 

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/15/2012
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Get Top Tips Quality Food Saver. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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