About Food Born Diseases
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About Food Born Diseases

Published at 04/05/2012 13:48:36


About Food Born Diseases

Food born diseases are those illnesses or diseases brought about by ingestion of contaminated food. These foods can be contaminated at any stage of their production which is anywhere from the farm, to the pot and on to the plate. Food born diseases are also known as food poisoning and can have diverse effects on the victim and in extreme cases may lead to death. These illnesses usually arise from poor handling of food at any of its production stages and can easily be avoided by taking hygienic and environmentally safe measures. Contamination can also occur during storage of food and safe practices should be observed and any food that is suspected to be poisonous should be disposed off as soon as possible and using recommended measures.


About Food Born Diseases

For many years people ignored any food born diseases that they had and they simply take a concoction of drugs or herbs to cure their indigestion or diarrhea. With time this became a big problem as it was having diverse and sometimes severe effects on the health and productivity of the population. That is when a food monitoring action called food safety was developed in a bid to curb food born diseases. It was discovered that food is contaminated by bacteria, viruses, parasites, toxins some of which are natural. Food born illnesses can also be caused by pesticides, medicines and other chemicals introduced to the food.


About Food Born Diseases

At the farm, food born illnesses can be encouraged by the introduction of pesticides and chemicals to the food. Some of these chemicals are not digested and some traces of them are left in the plant even after the crop has been harvested and these are ingested by the person who eats it. Some of the chemicals are found in synthetic fertilizers and traces of these are left in the crop and others stay in the soil for many years. Farmers are increasingly been encouraged to practice organic farming to curb food born diseases.

The second stage in which food can be contaminated leading to food born diseases is during its handling; this is after harvesting and during its preparation. Simple measures like washing hands and food thoroughly have proved to be very effective in dealing with this problem.

The third stage that leads to food born diseases is during storage. If food is not preserved properly, it may lead to accidental death. Dry foods should have low moisture content to avoid aflatoxin poisoning, while safe storage practices should be employed for fresh foods.

Tips and comments

If you compare the effects of food bone diseases and the cost of treating them, you will realize just how important it is to avoid them. Simple measures like washing food and hands and keeping preparation surfaces clean could save a life and one from the harrowing experience of food born diseases. Take the initiative and practice safe food practices and teach children the importance of hygiene so that we can protect the future generations and make the nuisance of food born diseases a myth.


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