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Most Common Diseases Of The Skin


Skin is one of the most delicate and sensitive part of body. The overall health of an individual is depicted by the skin health. A younger, healthy and unblemished skin means the healthy body. Similarly, health hazards are symbolized also through the skin. Subsequently, diseases of the skin are common.


Diseases of the skin are a broader term that covers numerous skin conditions in different context. It can be classified on the basis of type of skin, skin diseases associated with improper hygiene, other health condition, caused due to intake of certain medications and drugs, and malnutrition. Irrespective of the various factors attributing towards developing diseases of the skin, there are few skin conditions that are quite common across the people of the globe. Here is the brief information about the most common diseases of the skin.

Common Skin Diseases

Acne Vulgaris, also referred as acne and pimples, is the commonest skin problem experienced by more than 60% of the world population. It affects all people irrespective of the gender, age, and country living. Acne is characterized by small to large bumps on face with or without inflammation of the skin. Acne is caused due to several factors and major causes are hormonal imbalance and poor diet. Acne can be further classified based on the following criteria: On the basis of age group of people affected it is classified into teen age acne, adult acne, baby acne, pregnancy acne; Based on the appearance it is classified into mild acne, acne scars, acne spots, and cystic acne; Based on the area affected by bumps it is classified into facial acne, body acne and back acne. Numerous treatment methods are available to cure acne ranging from expensive cosmetic treatments like laser therapy, medical treatments by taking prescription drugs to natural remedies like alternative remedies and home remedies. Not all the types of acne can be cured by all different types of acne remedies. Dermatitis is yet another common diseases of the skin characterized by inflammation of the skin, nothing but the swollen skin. Not every rash that appears on skin is dermatitis and not everyone develops dermatitis lead towards developing eczema. Dermatitis can be classified into different types based on the causes. Some of the causes include allergic conditions or allergens, exposure to chemicals, wet diapers, fungal infections, etc. This condition can be developed at any part of the body from scalp, in form of greasy skin and dandruff to toe, in form of thickening of the skin. The treatment of dermatitis is generally determined based on the type of dermatitis. However, the affected people are generally diagnosed to keep their skin moisturized and hydrated to prevent further breakout of the skin and they should keep themselves away from exposure to chemicals and other irritants. Common diseases of the skin include the infections on the skin namely viral infection, bacterial infection and fungal infection. Viral infection and bacterial infection generally lead towards dryness of the skin, scaling, etc. Further, it is also associated with other illnesses like fever, common cold, flu, measles, stomach infections, etc. While the bacterial infections of the skin are mild, viral skin infections sometimes lead towards cause severe illnesses and death sentence. Fungal infections cause inflammation of the skin, dandruff, etc.

Tips and comments

Diseases of the skin can be prevented by following good hygiene and nutritious diet. Intake of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet helps keeping the skin hydrated and glowing. Further, the nutrition rich food keep the body healthy and help stay away from developing diseases. A proper hygiene and a hygienic atmosphere prevent developing infections.

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