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Acne prone skin is common among teenagers, but they are not the only group who can end up with breakouts. Women in particular who are in their 30s and older suffer from breakouts and are prone to developing acne with the onset of more hormones present in their body. 

Caring for acne prone skin is important to help to clear the pores of your face and to maintain a clear even smooth complexion. You should look for a cleanser that is gentle and not going to dry your skin out. If your skin becomes too dry than oil production will increase resulting in more acne. Find something that has salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide in it to help get rid of the acne.

It is important when washing to be extra gentle, only using your hands to apply your cleanser. Do not use any wash cloth or any type of exfoliant. This will be too harsh and end up causing any acne to rupture. After washing your face apply an astringent or toner using a cotton ball. Be sure the toner is alcohol free. You do not want any alcohol on your face as this will only dry your skin out even more.

When looking for a moisturizer find one that is oil-free and non-comedogenic so it will not clog any of your pores. Acne prone skin tends to get pores clogged up easily. When wearing makeup buy only products that are oil free and don't wear any makeup that is heavy. Only wear make up that is light and also labeled non-comedogenic.

What Causes Acne?

There is really no known cause for acne. Most generally acne is thought to be caused by hormones or genetics. Women for instance are thought to have acne mostly due to imbalance of hormones especially as they become older. Some acne breakouts such as cystic acne could be the result from certain kinds of medications like lithium, corticosteroids and anti-epileptic drugs.

A myth that most people believe is that acne is brought on by certain foods that you eat. Foods like pizza, chips and chocolate do not cause acne. These foods though if you already have acne could make it worse. Another myth involves laying out in the sun. Many people believe that the sun will clear up their acne prone skin. What really happens is that the sun dries the pimple up as well as making the top layer of skin thicker which ends up clogging their pores.

How Does Acne Form On Your Skin?

A pimple surfaces to the skin from dead skin cells, oil and bacteria that are trapped underneath. In people who are prone to breakouts the extra oil will make these cells cluster together which forms a plug. This plug than prevents any oil from moving. If the plug is visible than a blackhead forms, if it is below your skin than a whitehead develops.

By Krissy Brungs, published at 02/19/2012
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