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How To Remove All History From a Laptop

Published at 02/20/2012 18:18:19

About laptop history

All laptops keep the records of files opened or Web Pages navigated. If another person accesses your laptop, they are able to see the files you have, the sites you mostly visit and any other information that you might have. This is why deleting of all laptop history is very important.

Step 1

Some information on a laptop may be very sensitive and it will be held in the your laptop memory. People also visit various sites on the internet and due to various personal reasons; some people might want to keep it a secret. In short, if you want to keep your laptop private to you, simply delete all laptop history and you can be sure you will always be at ease when others are using your laptop.

Step 2

Deleting recently opened items in laptop history

Deleting all laptop items that you have recently opened is easy. You simply need to select the ‘properties’ option on your laptop, and have a look at your laptop check box that stores and displays all the programs and files that you have recently opened. 

Step 3

After removing the check mark at the box, simply click on ‘Apply’ followed by a clock on the ‘OK’ icon which enables you save the changes you have made. This definitely helps remove all laptop history on items that you recently opened. This goes a long way in clearing your laptop memory and improves on its performance as more disk space is free.

Step 4

Removing internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox web history

All laptop history from visited online sites is promptly recorded in the laptop memory and it’s recommended that you remove the history as often as possible. To do this, you simply have to click on the tab indicated ‘Tools’ on your desktop laptop and locate the internet explore browser.

Step 5

This is followed by selection of the entry indicated ‘internet options’. Under the heading written ‘browsing history’, simply click on the ‘delete’ tab and all laptop internet explorer history is deleted. To revert to the desktop, you need to close the internet window by clicking ‘OK’ on the close tab. When deleting all laptop Firefox history, open your web browser and check at the Tools menu written ‘Clear Private Data’. Clicking on the tab deletes all laptop held history in the fire fox web browser.

Why delete all laptop history

Deleting all laptop recorded history is very important for the wellness of the laptop and for the privacy and safety of your laptop. Storing unwanted files and laptop history of that has no use may make your laptop a victim of corrupt files and may as well suffer from fragmented files. 

This makes it very important to clear and completely remove all laptop history to make the laptop safe and clean. This history provides records of all laptop activities you engage in and is basically not important. It just makes your files bulk for no good reason. Removing this history from your laptop also helps in boosting the performance of the laptop and makes it fast in processing your data.


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