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Best Type Of Laptop And Desktop Computers


Actually there is no best type of laptop desktop computers among brands, types and technologies. They all are good. The best among them is the one which perfectly suits your requirements. Take some time to think about your purposes and requirements, as well as applications you want to run on your new PC. This will helps you to decide the needed features.

Likewise in organizations, desktop computers are used to work, as employees come and do their jobs using them. If a clerk’s job is to do some documentation work, for example. A simple desktop computer with no high-quality graphic card or a high speed processor required for it is enough for a clerk. But in case of an engineer, who uses a computer to demonstrate his project design and features, he needs a high processor with a graphic card which are required of his job. In organizations, people prefer desktop computers that support Linux operating system to secure their organizational PC from viruses and malicious attacks. Laptops are better suited to those who travel, such as businessmen.


Desktop computers and laptops are the types of personal computers. Desktop computer consist of several components like a central processing unit, a monitor, separate keyboard etc. These components are modular so they can be replaced or upgraded easily. It is premeditated to stay at in one place. Altair 8800 was the first successful microcomputer, released in 1975. After that it progressed rapidly.


Home computers: Computers were generally developed for home use, not for office-fully equipped with multimedia-devices.

Single Unit or All-in-One computers: These types of computers are of best type among the desktop computers. It’s a space saver computer. It includes an integrated LCD monitor and all inner components are located behind the monitor. It makes the desk neat and chaos free but they are somewhat expensive.

Gaming computers: If someone is using for gaming purposes then the system contains advanced graphics technology and video memory to execute a smooth and better quality visual of game. They are developed on specified uses.

Laptops are the replacement of desktop computers, which endow with full aptitudes of a desktop computer while mobility. On contrast to desktop computers, graphics card, sound channel etc. are all built on a single unit of the laptop. Now laptops vary according to its memory, screen size, brand and battery life time. Mostly it is use for mobility purposes.

Netbook - The evolved version of laptop is netbook. A mini notebook is also known as netbook. It is designed simpler and smaller tasks such as word processing, wireless communication and internet browsing. It has a low powered processor and less graphic capabilities.

Gaming laptop: The main features of gaming notebooks are their high processing speed, increased RAM and high-end graphics card. All these things are desired by game enthusiast such as HD display, 3D support graphics card, and virtual surround audio with woofers.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 02/18/2012
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