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Review Of the Lenovo Thinkpad Notebook


The Lenovo notebook ThinkPad comes with the next generation processors and improved specifications. The notebook aims to provide extremely competitive performance. 

The ThinkPad series has been in production since along time. Lenovo updates this series almost each year and brings it up to pace with the rest of the competition. The features of the newest Lenovo notebook ThinkPad will be examined.

First, we examine the look of the Lenovo notebook ThinkPad and see if its exterior is up to the mark. The new ThinkPad doesnt deviate much from the signature ThinkPad look. All of the body, including the sides and the cover is coasted with a soft-touch, rubbery plastic. This coating adds to the premium feel of the notebook. Think pads are used to having a boxy shape. With this model, Lenovo has somewhat tapered down the edges. The ThinkPad is thicker from the back and thinner towards the front, the wedge shape. The notebook weighs 3,7 pounds and can be easily grabbed by one hand. The chassis of the ThinkPad is built around a roll cage. This keeps the notebook rigid and gives a very premium feel.

One con of this laptop is the lid closing mechanism. The notebook comes with the usual ports and slots for memory cards. There is also a 720p capable front camera which is good enough for video calling. The notebook has a concave Chiclet keyboard. The keyboard lives up to the mark in ease of use and is also back lit. The track pad was good enough and had a nice feel to it. The only issue we came across was a certain inaccuracy. The screen of the laptop is protected by gorilla glass. This is quite unusual for notebooks.

The gorilla glass is a nice addition but it also has its draw backs. The screen was found to be a bit too reflective. It almost becomes a mirror when viewed at an angle. The resolution is standard and nothing exceptional. The same can be said about the speakers. The core i5 in the notebook is more than enough to handle routine tasks such as surfing the web and operating office related software easily. The notebook is not meant to be used as a gaming device, although it can run some games. The battery life is about 5 hours, give or take. There is this new fast charging battery as well.

Tips and comments

The Lenovo notebook ThinkPad is a device that we quite liked. It offers certain strengths in key areas. It looks good and performs well as well. Although we expect that the relatively short battery life and some questionable design decisions would be a problem for some buyers. The price is quite high so anyone on the market will have other choices available as well but we do recommend this notebook anyways.

By Amara, published at 03/16/2012
   Rating: 4/5 (11 votes)
Review Of the Lenovo Thinkpad Notebook. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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