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How To Use a Core 2 Processor on a Laptop

Published at 03/17/2012 03:22:56


The processor is the brain behind the computer. This piece of hardware is fitted in the motherboard. Intel is known as the godfather of processors, and they have developed some of the best processors available to us. Another manufacturer is AMD, which is also known for their good processor, and it is a big competitor of Intel. The speed of the computer system is largely dependent on the processor. It is not mandatory that the speed is only dependent on the processor, additional hardware such as RAM, motherboard, hard disk and operating system also contributes towards the aggregate speed. Core 2 laptop is the latest technology and is sold by many manufacturers. Core 2 laptop is as fast as any other desktop computers. A Core 2 laptop will run twice as fast as a single core processor.

Step 1

The motherboard must be compatible for supporting Core2 processor. Not all motherboards can support Core 2 processor. BIOS is a small program, which is used to test the working of connected hardware. RAM is also connected to the motherboard. A Core 2 laptop supports Core2 processor. Additional hardware such as Graphics Card, LAN Card and more. is also attached to the motherboard. All the power supply for the system is distributed through the motherboard.

Step 2

Choosing a manufacturer for a Core 2 laptop. Currently, AMD and Intel are the two biggest manufacturers of processors in today's market. They both are known for good processors. Intel is the oldest in the processor business. AMD is slowly emerging as a competitor for Intel, and it is as fast as Intel processor. Many manufacturers provide Core 2 laptop with wide range of other functions. It is strongly recommended to do extensive research on processor before investing money in it.

Step 3

The operating system makes the full utilization of the Core 2 processor. A stable and reliable operating system makes sure that the processor doesn't sit idle. The task of an operating system is to always provide jobs for the processor. Most common operating system used in Core 2 laptop is Windows and Linux. Macintosh uses different kind of processor on their laptops, but they are also very fast. For choosing a Core 2 laptop, Windows is the most common platform. Linux as an open source operating system is also preferred by many users and they are very cheaper than the Windows.

Step 4

The graphics card provides the excellent visual experience for the user. Currently, many manufacturers provides graphics card for their Core 2 processor laptop. Additional graphics card can also be installed on the motherboard for better gaming and viewing experience. NVIDIA is famous for their graphics card and many of the manufacturers use them.

Step 5

RAM works as a temporary memory, and it is an important part of the computer system. Secondary memory, such as the hard disk is used for saving data files in a long run. Since, the RAM has a volatile memory. It is more costly than the secondary memory.


A Core 2 processor enabled laptop must have at least 3 GB of RAM.


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