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Great Ideas To Use the Notebook Cooler


Your laptop might need some cooling after a long time of being used. As you would know a laptop needs to get cooled down through a fan. Notebook cooler is used whenever the laptop fan isnt working. Notebook cooler is also known as cooler pad or chill mat. Notebook cooler helps in lowering down the operating temperature of the laptop so that your laptop works at its top level. Notebook cooler is always placed under the laptop because that it the part that gets heated up while being used.

A notebook cooler uses two methods of cooling down your laptop. It either uses the active method or the passive method. Both the methods work in their own way. Through the active method, the notebook cooler moves away the heat coming from the laptop directly away while in the passive method, the notebook cooler might use another thermal device attached to it. There are also some multipurpose notebook coolers that are being used in laptops these


The notebook fan has been invented to provide the people benefits. The notebook cooler provides cooling airflows for the laptops that do not have cooling fans working properly. The first notebook cooler was invented by Rakesh Bhatia. He designed this cooler notebook for the company Intel and passed on the patent in 1999. The first design that was presented by Bhatia was having a horizontal surface. This cooler notebook was made to increase the airflow inside the laptop in order to make the machinery cool so that the laptop parts do not get heated or worn out.


The basic advantage of the notebook cooler is to cool the laptop when it gets heated while being used if its cooling fan isn't working. Some laptops might get worn out if heated too much, that is where notebook coolers help. Notebook cooler uses two methods of cooling down the laptop. The active and the passive method. The active notebook cooler method uses the USB ports of the laptop to work and the notebook cooler of such type is mostly available as a built in USB hub.

The passive notebook coolers work without using up anything or any power. They have some organic salts in them that help absorb all the heat from the laptop without making mush effort. These passive notebook coolers are the best for cooling your laptop from 6 to 8 hours. A multipurpose notebook cooler might also propose something that you would be interested in. this notebook cooler provides the airflow between laptops base and cooler. This notebook cooler also provides a cooling system for the users lap. This enables the user to feel much comfortable while using the laptop for hours.

Tips and comments

What notebook cooler you want to have in your laptop depends upon your choice. The  multipurpose notebook cooler is what I suggest. This notebook cooler not only cools down your laptop, it also provides cooling for your lap. Yes, this notebook cooler is also skin sensitive. It allows the air to flow in the heated parts of the laptop along with the users lap. Of course other notebook coolers like the passive and active notebook coolers provide great benefit. The active notebook coolers use the USB ports in order to provide cooling to the heated areas of the laptop. The passive notebook cooler uses nothing at all.

It is located beneath the laptop and it has some organic salts that help absorb the heat. The multipurpose notebook coolers also come with advantages like the ability to read memory cards and more. this notebook cooler also provides 2.5” laptop hard drives. 

By Qasim Ali, published at 03/21/2012
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