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At one point or another, everyone has to face an overheating problem with their laptop. This heating up of the laptop can be dangerous in both ways health and also for the laptop itself. More the laptop heats up, more the amount of carbon dioxide it will produce which is not good for health, where on the other hand if the laptop keeps heating up the battery of the laptop might lose its cells and will give you a very bad output. Suppose your laptop battery timing is for two hours, if the laptop heats up and damages the battery then your laptop would hardly work for forty minutes.

Similarly, if this heating problem is ignored your laptop inside wires, drives and chips can tend to burn leaving the laptop totally useless and cannot be repaired. For the solution of this problem a laptop cooling fan has been invented by the humanity. A laptop/notebook cooling fan is also known as the laptop cooler, cooling pad or the chill mat. It is an accessory for the laptop computer that helps the laptop in reducing its operating temperature. Normally it is used when the laptop cooling fan fails to provide sufficient cooling for the laptop, this laptop cooling fan is placed beneath the laptop and your laptop rests over it.

The laptop cooling fan is made of two types of materials. It can be of plastic and the other is made of some sort of metal like aluminium. The plastic laptop cooling fan is more commonly sold on the market due to its lightweight. The numbers of fans that can be added depend on the company of the cooling fans. some add two where the others usually add only one fan which is placed in the middle of the tray. These cooling fans/fan works with a wire which has a USB end and connects to the USB port of the laptop to avoid the overheating of the laptop. There are different kinds of cooling fans depending upon the design of laptop as some have their vents on the side, where as some on the middle of the base.

Tips and comments

Before you buy a laptop cooling fan make sure you check the vents of the laptop before buying one, and if the vents are on the bottom/base of the laptop then make sure you get yourself a multi base cooler. This sort of cooler is a type of passive cooler that allows the airflow between the laptop base and cooler, as well as, between the base and the users lap. These laptop coolers are well suited to those laptops whose vents are on the base, this will prevent choking the laptops base with dust or whatever material. With the help of this multi based cooling fan you can use the laptop on desk, tables, couch, bed and more. So it is important to check the vents location of your laptop, for those who do not know what vents are, try moving your hand about the base of laptop and notice where the heat is coming from that place will be the vent.

By Qasim Ali, published at 03/21/2012
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