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Microsoft is one of the leading companies in the software and computer business. Not only that, it is one of the top companies in the world. Besides the operating system, Windows, Microsoft also created one of the best office suite that is present in most computers at home. The bestselling Microsoft product is Windows.


Microsoft was born in 1975 on the 4th of April. The birth of Microsoft happened in the garage of Bill Gates, who was a Harvard dropout. Bill Gates, along with Paul Allen, worked on the Altair project and slowly realized how it could be updated to be fully user friendly and make it easier for people to use. They began working on the DOS, or the MS-DOS program that was a console based operating system. Even though it is now obsolete, it was the foundation of the basic operating system we use and from there Microsoft Windows was created. Since 1984, when Windows came out, there have been multiple versions of Windows around the market, each one better than the previous and more advanced. In 2001 Microsoft released the most popular Windows version the Windows for XP.


Windows for XP was an improved version of Windows 2000 and Windows Millennium. The term XP in the name Windows for XP means experience. It was a giant step moving from windows 2000 to windows for XP. Microsoft changed the whole dynamics of the user interface. It became much easier to go through one’s own files and the computer itself while trying to work. It was built using the standard C, C++ language that Microsoft uses most often in their programs. Windows for xp was created to make it easier for people to run their software on it much more efficiently. Windows for xp was one of those operating systems that could detect and install any driver of almost any hardware peripherals that were connected to the computer or the motherboard. Currently, Windows for xp is one of the most used operating system in the world. Besides its user ability and interactive design, Windows for XP is one of the most stable operating systems Microsoft has every released. Microsoft frequently releases update patches and service packs that can keep the operating system up to date to the growing advancements in the computer world.


When trying to install Windows XP in one’s own computer, the user must insure that the copy of the software setup is original and not a pirated version. Not only is installing pirated versions illegal, but it does not allow the user to update the software on a regular basis.

By Sultan Khan, published at 02/19/2012
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Windows For Xp - Great Advice. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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