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The Windows XP edition of the Windows operating system is an older version that your computer may still be running. Windows is able to run on PC computers only. This is simple operating system and popular among many Windows users who do not like the newer operating system upgrades. Because it is easy to use, even those who are not computer savvy should have no problem navigating the Windows XP edition. The downside to using an older operating system is that there may be newer software, games, and programs that you will not be able to run. There are usually work arounds to most of these issues, so that you can continue to enjoy the Windows XP edition.

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If you are using the Windows XP edition on your home computer, you should be aware that there are a few other Windows upgrades that have been released after this edition. They are Windows Vista and Windows 7. Because you are using an older version of the Windows XP edition, it does not offer you the same amount of protection that the newer upgrades have. This means that your computer is potentially more prone to getting a harmful virus, spyware, and adware. Make sure that you always keep your computer up to date with the latest virus protection software. Run scans on your computer often to protect against damage to your Windows XP edition operating system.

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As you are already aware, when you use the Windows XP edition, there are programs, games, and software that may not be able to run on your computer. You can work your way around some of the issues that you may have, as they are not only operating system related, but could be because you have an older computer with hardware that is not up to date. First, you should always download the latest Windows updates that become available for your computer's operating system. You can find these by clicking your computer's start button and typing, "windows updates" into the search box. This will then bring up the Windows Updates program, where you can search for and download the latest updates and programs for your computer. When trying to run newer games on the Windows XP edition, you could face some errors. Update your computer's hardware to work your way around some of these common problems that other Windows XP edition users have. Install a new video card and additional RAM to be able to run graphic intensive games on Windows XP.

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Give your Windows XP edition your own personal look and feel to it. Your computer has everything on it that is important to you, including photographs, music, documents, and more. Customize your computer's desktop with your favorite colors and photographs of friends and family. Windows XP also allows you to change the theme with simple online downloads. With a custom Windows XP edition computer, you will never feel as though your computer is out of date and too old. You can even change your desktop icons and mouse cursor as you would like to.


If you are interested in upgrading your Windows XP edition computer to a newer version of Windows, this is relatively simple to do. Just go to the Microsoft website and browse the online store for Windows upgrades. This should easily be able to upgrade to Windows Vista or Windows 7, depending on your computer's specifications. Choose an instant download to upgrade your Windows XP edition today.

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By Colleen Ross, published at 03/26/2012
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