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Fastest Way To Download Windows Xp


Many people look to download Windows XP because they are not happy with the current, newer versions of Windows. Perhaps you like the overall simplicity and design that Windows XP offers. Or you simply do not find the newest versions to be as fast as XP. Whatever your reason may be, there are still ways that you can get a Windows XP download and fast. Because this version of Windows is somewhat old and there have been a few new releases since this, finding a hard copy of Windows XP download software could be a task.


Windows XP was released on October 25, 2001 and changed the way that we see Windows today. With the relase of Windows XP, the overall design was completely revamped from those that were before it. This Windows version had everything that you needed on a computer at the time, was reliable, and had a fast performance rate. Help and support services were also added to the Windows XP download. During the release, there were two versions available for purchase, Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional. Over the years, updated XP versions were released, including the 64-bit edition, the media center edition, and the tablet PC edition.


The fastest way to download Windows XP, would be to find a legitimate download link online. By downloading the software online, you can have your Windows XP version up and running in no time. The download with install the software to your computer, which you can then run and follow the step by step process for installing Windows XP. Because Windows XP is an older version, you will not be able to find the download available on the Microsoft website. Your best bet for finding a Windows XP download is through torrents. These files can be searched for on torrenting websites. When you have found a legitimate copy of Windows XP, you can download it through a torrent program. The file will then be installed to your computer and available for you to start your XP download.

The only other way that a Windows XP download can still be obtained, is by purchasing the software. Many stores do not sell Windows XP anymore because there are two other versions that came after it, but with a little searching, you can still find a copy. is one website that still has Windows XP download software for sale. Navigate to this website and type Windows XP into the search box. You will then see the products that are still available. If you are looking to downgrade your new computer from Windows 7 to Windows XP, this kit is available and will guide you through the process. Windows XP full version software is also available for purchase and comes with an authentic registration key with Microsoft. Simply purchasing the software may provide you with the fastest way to download Windows XP to your computer. Windows XP can be downloaded on most computers that are using older operating systems.

Tips and comments

Before downloading Windows XP, do online research and make sure that your computer is able to run this version of Windows.

By Colleen Ross, published at 03/09/2012
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Fastest Way To Download Windows Xp. 4 of 5 based on 12 votes.


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