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How To Get Windows From Microsoft


If you are currently using an older version of Windows from Microsoft, you can get a newer version by purchasing an upgrade. The newest versions of Windows from Microsoft have brand new features, designs, and more. Some software may also only be able to run on the newest Windows version, making this one of the main reasons that you should upgrade. For example, if you are currently running Windows Vista on your computer, you can get the latest Windows 7 download straight from Microsoft. When purchasing Windows from Microsoft, you will be sure that the software is legitimate.

Step 1

To get the newest version of Windows from Microsoft, head on over to Windows 7 or the latest version can be purchased right off of the Microsoft website, for your convenience. You will see several navigation links near the top of the web page. Click on the buy link and a drop down list with sub-categories will appear. Click on Windows 7 to learn more about this new Windows version.

Step 2

To upgrade your version of Windows from Microsoft, your computer must have the required hardware. Typically, if you are currently running Vista, Windows 7 should be able to work fine on your computer. If you have an older version of Windows, you may not be able to run Windows 7 effectively. Before you purchase Windows from Microsoft, do some research to ensure that the new version will download and run on your computer.

Step 3

On the Windows from Microsoft page that you have open, you will see the two different types of Windows 7 that can be purchased. They are Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Professional. If you are looking to upgrade your home computer, the home version will be fine for you. The professional version is ideal for businesses that need advanced networking and the ability to run XP Mode. Choose which version is right for you and click it to add to your cart. 

Step 4

On the next page, you will decide exactly how you will receive your copy of Windows from Microsoft. The full version costs $199.99 and an upgrade from Windows XP or Vista costs $119.99. Then select your delivery method. You can get a download to immediately start installing Windows 7 without having to wait for a disc. If you do not mind waiting, you can have the software shipping to your home. For just a small extra fee, you can get a download now, plus a backup disc shipped to your home. Add the product to your cart and checkout.

Step 5

After you complete the checkout process to get Windows from Microsoft, you will either receive your software in the mail, or be presented with a download link that you can access now to install the latest Windows version. After installing, there will be instructions from Microsoft, telling you the correct way to install your new Windows from Microsoft version.


Windows software can also be purchased from computer and electronics stores in your area. If you do not want to download the software or wait for a disc to arrive by mail, you can buy the disc from a store and have it today.

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