the Three Most Common Types Of Neck And Head Cancer
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the Three Most Common Types Of Neck And Head Cancer

Published at 03/10/2012 22:50:15

Have You Heard of Head and Neck Cancer

the Three Most Common Types Of Neck And Head Cancer

Cancer is a type of disease that can occur in a person in many different types. Whatever the cancer type is, it is still a fact that they are not to be taken lightly because they can still be very serious and life-threatening. Just because there are treatments and medical procedures that are available to cancer patients it doesn’t mean that cancers have lost their threat to people. Many are still reported to have died because of certain types of cancer.

You must have heard about head and neck cancers. These are a group of cancers which similarly originate from the upper aero digestive tract. If you are not familiar with what the aero digestive tract is composed of they are the lip, nasal and oral cavities, paranasal sinuses, larynx and pharynx. These neck head cancer types may originate from upper portion of your body, but since it is cancer, they can still spread throughout the other parts of the body.

Rare Head and Neck Cancers

the Three Most Common Types Of Neck And Head Cancer

Head and neck cancers are considered one of the rare types of cancer. And because they are rare, detecting them can be very tough to do. The symptoms of these types of cancer can be very tricky as well since they can also be mistaken as symptoms for some other diseases or illnesses. So the best way to deal with these symptoms is to not dismiss them and have your doctor run some tests on you.

Most of the symptoms that can tell you of possible presence of neck head cancer are related to sores or lesions in the oral cavity. Red lesions are likely to become cancerous than those white lesions. If you can find lesions in your mouth and it has been there for more than two weeks already, it is advisable that you have yourself checked already. It is always better to catch cancer at its early stages for better chances of cure.

Some other symptoms may be hoarseness of voice, ear pain, and if there is bleeding in the mouth and throat with difficulty in swallowing.

The Three Common Cancers in the Head and Neck Area

the Three Most Common Types Of Neck And Head Cancer

There are three most common neck head cancer. One of which is Oral Cancer. This is the most common of head and neck cancers. This cancer can start in the lips, the gums, the area just behind the molars and any other areas in the mouth.

Laryngeal Cancer is also considered common of the neck head cancer family. This occurs in the larynx and the most common risk factors for this cancer are tobacco and alcohol.

Pharyngeal Cancer comes third among the most common head and neck cancers. Doctors also reported this to be one of the common types among the rare cases of head and neck cancers.

Treatments for Head and Neck Cancers

These head and neck cancers are treated with surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, or it could be a combination of the treatments mentioned. This all depends on the type of neck head cancer that has been detected and the stage that it was diagnosed in the patient.


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