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How to avoid asbestos related diseases

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral which consists of silicate. It is just a mineral but the inhalation of asbestos cause serious illness since it is highly toxic.  The prolonged exposure to high levels of asbestos will cause serious health related problems especially attack the respiratory system.  Lung disease is the first and major disease concern in case of inhalation of asbestos which results in deadly major health problem.

One should know how to overcome the diseases caused by asbestos inhalation or exposure.  Foremost is to know what measures can be followed to eliminate the exposure of asbestos to oneself and their family members? One should understand clearly what the reason is for asbestos related diseases.

Basic measure is to limit your exposure to asbestos fibers. If due to nature of job make one to work around asbestos, safety precautions to be followed and so make sure to follow workplace rules for handling it. For example, wear a proper respirator to avoid breathing in asbestos fibers.

If the residing house or work in a building that has pipes or other products containing asbestos, it is necessary to take special precautions. That does not means being around such products that contain asbestos is a danger, but as long as the asbestos is enclosed. This prevents the fibers from getting into the air.

People, who are generally addicted to smoke, can quit since these increases the risk of lung cancer if they are suffering from pleural plaque, pleural effusion or asbestosis. The addicted person needs to consult with the doctor about programs and products which would help them to quit smoking.

One must avoid asbestos exposure that may occur in home or office building if it is constructed prior to 1980 since some structures are more likely to be contaminated than others. Moreover, any building constructed prior to 1980 will possess a certain kind of material that was treated with the flame resistant material. Asbestos may be found in ceiling tiles and paneling, electrical wiring and other equipment. Especially the circuit lines to be tested whether it is broken and if so it must be treated.  Before 1980’s, the ceilings are decorative with asbestos containing insulation which was a rule and so it is obvious to test the ceilings

Tips and comments:

Never be exposed to asbestos products to prevent asbestos lung cancer, wear protective clothing to eliminate exposure of asbestos.  Even a protective face mask would do better to prevent exposure. It is good to change cloth before leaving the asbestos work environment. Quit smoking to prevent respiratory problem. Intake of vitamins supplement to boost the immune system.  Regular exercise make healthy.   If asbestos products are to be removed from home, then professional assistance are recommended. If suspected that asbestos product cause problem, it has to be tested immediately.

By Meenasen, published at 06/29/2011
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