Are Pleural Diseases Fatal?
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Are Pleural Diseases Fatal?

Published at 02/04/2012 14:58:30

Getting to know pleural disease

Are Pleural Diseases Fatal?

Pleural diseases maybe easily treatable but can be fatal as well. Pleura are membranous lining inside the lungs and throughout the chest cavity that helps protect this vital organ from harm. Pleural effusion is the most common and it happens when fluid such as blood or other liquid inside our body starts to fill the lungs. Pleural effusion can lead to temporary paralysis, depends on the affected side of the body, or loss of breathing. It is typically a symptom of other disease or another health condition.

Infected by the pleural disease

Are Pleural Diseases Fatal?

Most of the time, people do not notice or give enough attention to his health condition, even if the person feels bad or feels that something is wrong with them. Symptoms of pleural diseases depend on the affected part of the body. Example is pleural effusion in our digestive system: symptoms are abdominal abscess, acute pancreatitis, asbestosis and chronic kidney disease.

• An abdominal abscess, symptoms of pleural effusion, is an abscess that grows or hit in any of our abdomen.
• An acute pancreatitis is usually caused by too much alcohol intake, too much intake of medications, abdominal trauma and others.
• An asbestosis is a lung condition caused by exposure from asbestos. The common symptoms are coughing of blood, lack of breathing, constant cough and sleeping disorder.
• A chronic kidney disease is usually due to congenital diseases and infection that causes abnormal function of the kidney. These diseases can be treated through series of medication, undergo an operation but the recovery depends on how the body will react.

Result of negligence to your health condition

Are Pleural Diseases Fatal?

When people think of expenses rather than have a remedy to his health condition, the pleural diseases continues to spread inside your body to give you harm, and sometimes without feeling it or knowing it that leads to a fatal disease. Example is a simple headache, this might leads to a tumor if you experience it more often, and you do not take medications or see a doctor. A small malignant, an act of doing harm to our body which invades and destroys body tissues and cells, that might lead to cancer. A cancer usually grows and resists treatment that usually causes of death. Heart failure is another example of pleural diseases that due to negligence it leads to paralysis or death. Heart failure is the weakness of heart to pump enough oxygen-rich blood to and from the lungs and the rest of the body.

Do it to avoid it

Technology is fast approaching and treatments to some pleural diseases are being discovered and develop, continuous to undergo series of study, to make the medication 99.9% effective. Always remember that it is not the doctor’s obligation to give you a 100% result, but to give you enough treatment to make you better and or to completely remove the disease to your body. It is your obligation to treat yourself right, because as a saying goes “selfishness or too much of something may lead to negative result.” That is why you should know how to take good care of your own body, eat the right food, live a healthy lifestyle and know your limitations to avoid fatal diseases.


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