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What Are The Diseases That Affect Muscle

 Diseases that affect the muscles are often crippling and extremely painful. Many of these are genetic in nature. Treatment for genetic diseases of the muscle aren't always a simple thing.


Muscle is a contractile tissue in animals and their function is to produce force and cause motion. They are divided as cardiac, smooth, or skeletal muscles. Muscles can help in movement of human internal organs or motion of the human itself. The contraction of smooth and cardiac muscle happens without the conscious of human. An example is the heart muscle that contracts involuntarily. To move the body, voluntary contraction of the skeletal muscles is done and this can be controlled. An example is the eye movement.

Muscle diseases:

Muscles can also have diseases just like other body parts. The person suffering from Muscle Diseases feels constant pain and weakness in the muscles or can even suffer from paralysis. Diseases of muscle can make a person physically disabled also in some cases. There are lots of different types of muscle disease.

The first type of muscular disease is myopathy, in myopathy muscle fibers does not move. This results in weakness and immobility in drastic cases. Myopathy is directly related to the muscle and not due to nerve disorders. Most of the time myopathy is deteriorating in nature.

Fibromyalgia is another common muscle disease. Fibromyalgia is an unmitigated illness and can cause severe pain, fatigue, pain in nerves, itching on skin, weak arms. People that suffer from this disease have symptoms of amnesia and insomnia. Fibromyalgia in most of cases starts in very early age however is diagnosed only when pain increases. Fibromyalgia is mainly caused because of stress.

Dermatomyositis is an inflammatory muscle disease that shows dystrophic calcifications in the muscles when viewed using X-Ray. Cancer early indications are given by this disease. In Dermatomyositis proximal muscle pains are felt symmetrically and skin rashes are found.

Another type of muscle disease is polymyositis. It is also a muscle disease caused by inflammation and is associated to Myopathy and Dermatomyositis. Polymyositis is generally found in adults and causes muscle weaknesses. The upper legs are mostly affected by this disease.


Causes of Muscle diseases:

There can be various reasons for Muscle Diseases however in some cases it is not possible to find out the exact cause. Some Diseases of Muscle can be genetic. Abnormality in the inherited genes causes these diseases in body. Such diseases can make the individual permanently disabled. Other causes of muscle diseases include injury or overuse, some cancers, inflammation, diseases of nerves that affect muscles, infections, and some medicines side effects.

It is not necessary that genetic Muscle Diseases is inherited from a parent with genetic disorder, it can happen randomly due to gene abnormality. Muscular Dystrophy is one of the well-known genetic diseases of the muscle. It is a muscle-wasting disease. The error in the gene is the main cause of this disease. The heart can also be affected in some cases by this disease.

Muscle diseases Treatments:

Muscle diseases related to injury can be resolved quickly as compared to genetic muscle diseases. Many muscle diseases can be treated successfully with physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medicines, and in some cases by surgery.

Tips and comments:

 Knowing what to look for in a genetic muscle disease can help in the treatment of the disease. Therefore, making the treatment easier and making life simpler for the person suffering from the disease.

By Teresa Fikes, published at 07/14/2011
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