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With health comes happiness and satisfaction. A healthy person can enjoy each and every moment of life to its maximum. However, a person who encounters body diseases is the opposite of him. He can no longer enjoy the bounties and blessings around but also feels disheartened and dissatisfied with life. He seems to lack interest in everything he wishes to do. Due to such body diseases, one fails to meet his targets and accomplish his goals. His life becomes meaningless and useless.

Body diseases can be of any form: physical, mental, psychological etc. They can result due to a number of factors that can bring changes in our body structure and organs. They range from very fatal ones like cancer to minor ones like influenza and fever. Thus, whatever the disease is, it brings some change in our body, disrupts our system and causes harm. It may be some bacterial or viral infection or just a change in the environment can result in the ailment.

Listing the body diseases can be an arduous task, since there are millions of diseases that can be counted and the list would never come to an end. But when talking about the most common ones, a few diseases instantly strike the mind. Among these are eating disorders. These range from ones like anorexia nervosa, in which a person quits eating to maintain body shape and results in extreme loss of appetite. Also included, are the ones like bulimia nervosa characterized by binge eating. In this the person is unaware of what damage that food is causing to his body. Another very common type of disease includes the Lewy Body disease that further branches and gives way to other diseases like dementia.

Dementia is marked by impairment in mental functioning which causes a loss of memory and other senses. It is the result of the accumulation of Lewy Bodies in the brain that cause numerous symptoms like hallucinations and loss in memory. These diseases are difficult to diagnose since they are very similar to the Alzheimer's disease and is often confused with it.

A very prominent psychological disease is body dysmorphic disorder. In this disease a person continuously complains about one of his physical features and is overly obsessed about his physical appearance. It has been proven through research that this disease is caused as a result of mental stress and pressure. The symptoms include frequent anxiety and depressions. In severe cases, many attempt to commit suicide as well. The most fatal disease in this category is AIDS, which is the acquired immune deficiency syndrome. It is a sexually transmitted disease which so far has no reasonable cure.


Hence, these body diseases continue to harm human body and it is the duty of the doctors, to make sure that the patient is relieved from them.

By Sidra Rana, published at 02/26/2012
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