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How To Protect Yourself From Breathing Diseases


Breathing disease is anything that prevents us from getting enough air and also being uncomfortable while breathing or inhaling air. Some of the breathing diseases are wheezing and lung failure. The people we hang out with, the air that we breathe and also the things that we often carry contain a lot of diseases. Contracting any disease can really affect us and slows our work down and curtail us from doing the things that we enjoy doing the most. Some of the disease can also be very fetal and can even kill if not attended to in good time.

Causes of breathing diseases

There are several causes of breathing diseases. The common cause being air passages in the body being blocked. Some of these passages include the nose, throat and the mouth. This may lead to some problems in breathing. The heart is also one of the body organs that help in breathing. In a situation where the heart is unable to pump enough blood in order to supply the body with oxygen one can lose their breath. This breathing disorder occurs when the body parts like the muscles and the brain do not get sufficient oxygen. Emotional grief and anxiety can also be a cause of loosing breath. Some of the breathing problems are chronic and others are long-term. These include allergies, sinuses and even asthma. They can causes some signs like nasal blockage, watery eyes, running nose, congestion in the chest, wheezing and running nose. Nasal passage is a path that is prone to allergens and viruses that enter the lungs.

How to avoid

Anxiety: When one has determined that their breathing diseases are caused by anxiety, they should ensure that they avoid situations or places that cause anxiety. By exercising this, one is able to avoid breathing problems.

Environmental problems: When someone has breathing diseases it is caused by environmental causes like dust, fumes and cold, one should ensure that they are in a position to control them. It is caused by dust then avoiding dusty areas is advisable at all time. It is unavoidable then one should be able to protect the air passage tracks especially the nose and the mouth.

One should also ensure that the house that they stay is always clean and always dusted to avoid inhaling dust and toxic substances. Keep away any toxic substance that may be harmful to your health or that have a strong smell.


If you have other symptoms that you are not sure of they it is advisable that you see a doctor for examination. This is paramount in that it can prevent the widespread of the disease in the body especially the lungs. The prescriptions from the doctor are very important because it cures and at the same time prevents future infections. For those who live in the desert it is at times unavoidable to have sand bust where there are strong winds and thus blowing up the dust. In such seasons it is advisable to stay indoors in order to avoid inhaling the dust. The dust can also be fetal when they enter your eyes. It normally happens shortly then after the rains come and one can start walking outside. Know your environment, know your condition and protect your health.

By Bob Meadow, published at 03/28/2012
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