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Every individual wishes to be healthy and disease free. The key to cure all diseases is to have a nourishing balanced diet and practice proper personal hygiene and good sanitation, including public hygiene.

A nourishing and balanced diet builds up new protoplasm cells for growth, provides material for the repair of worn-out or injured cells, provides energy and protects us from disease and infection.

Taking care of one's own body is personal hygiene. The major aspects of personal hygiene are as follows:

  1. Cleanliness
  2. Physical exercise
  3. Rest and sleep
  4. Healthy habits


1. Cleanliness - Personal cleanliness is most essential. We are continuously handling a variety of things - books, furniture coins, pets, tools, machinery and so on. All these objects may carry germs which may be picked up by our fingers and transferred over to other parts of the body or into the mouth through food.

  • The practice of washing hands with soap after using toilets is very important.
  • A daily bath regularly keeps the skin clean and free of germs, the body odor given out in perspiration is removed, thereby the sweat pores open.
  • Undergarments and handkerchiefs must be washed daily.
  • Teeth must be cleaned at least twice a day to prevent gum diseases.
  • Eyes must be cleaned and washed with clear water. Trachoma and conjunctivitis are two common diseases of the eye caused through dust and through contamination of hands and towels.

2. Physical exercise - Some physical exercise is necessary for all age groups, specially children, adolescents and young people. Long gentle walks are enough for the old. Physical exercise should be systematic and regular. It improves blood circulation.

3. Rest and sleep - All organs of the body including the brain need rest. In general, the body obtains adequate rest by means of sleep.

4. Healthy habits - One should develop good healthy habits such as going to bed at night at regular time, take food at regular hours etc.

  • Going to bed at late hours or immediately after taking dinner is not a good habit.
  • Smoking should be avoided - it is injurious to health and may even lead to cancer.
  • Taking stimulants and sedatives are unnecessary and spoil habits.
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages is definitely harmful to ones own body as well to the society.

The house should be well-ventilated for fresh air and sunlight. Fresh air brings oxygen and sunlight kills germs.


Social hygiene and sanitation

The eating places such as hotels, restaurants and the surroundings must be kept clean and free of flies. All eatables must be covered. All utensils, cups, tumblers, spoons etc. must be thoroughly washed preferably with soap and water.

All public drains and garbage must be covered and some disinfectants such as bleaching powder etc. must be frequently sprinkled.

The civic bodies must ensure the supply of clean germ-free drinking water and an efficient sewage disposal.

Tips and comments

Control of disease-carriers - Many insects and other animals spread diseases. Steps should be taken to control or to eradicate them. Control of houseflies and mosquitoes should be given maximum priority. These two are considered the worst public enemies.

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