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Causes Of Fish Diseases

 Do you love to keep fishes as much as you care for domestic animals like cats and dogs? Indeed, you need to learn the basic principles and tips on how to take good care of your fish pet. Hobbyists and aquarists or any fish lovers’ alike need this information. Never rush into anything without being equipped with knowledge or else you will just end up regretting. You would not like to wake up one day with your fishes floating cold and lifeless, right? Fish deaths are commonly caused by fish diseases apart from the life span. What are the causes of fish diseases? So keep reading and learn.

 Various kinds of fishes need unique or special care. Determine the kind of fish before deciding to keep them for pet or as business venture. In this way you will be able to get to know the species better and provide them the right equipment and habitat. Consider the location and the budget you will need to spend in pursuing a home for your fish. Taking care of fishes is more than just a hobby because you are dealing with life here. You must be responsible for providing these creatures the quality life they deserve that is free from diseases. Common causes of fish diseases can be traced back on how they were handled.


One of the topmost reasons of fish deaths and diseases can be brought about by carbon dioxide poisoning. Be vigilant and observe for first signs of lethargy and difficulty of breathing when you see fishes staying on the water surface gasping for air. This may indicate insufficient oxygen level and is extremely dangerous. Chemical poisoning and metal poisoning are other causes of fish kills. Fishes may exhibit similar symptoms to carbon dioxide poisoning. Water quality plays a crucial role in keeping your fishes healthy. Monitor the pH level of water. Clamping of fins is a good sign of poor water quality. Bacteria, fungus, parasites and other pathogens usually thrive in unclean water or fish habitat. Common diseases are the fish ulcers otherwise known as aeromonas and the fin rot or pseudomonas. Parasites that are known to cause illness to fishes are the protozoa, trichodina, metazoan, costia and whitespot. Another thing that may surprise you: fish can acquire lice, flukes and worms too! If you suspect untoward signs and symptoms among your fishes don’t hesitate to seek a veterinarian’s help for proper disease management and treatment.

 The most popular among the causes of fish diseases is malnutrition.  Do you know that malnutrition does not only apply to the under nourished but to the overly nourished as well? Yes, overfeeding your lovely fish pets will make them more prone to acquire diseases. It has been known to cause constipation among fishes. Fishes are also affected by stress. So keep them well lighted and keep them away from being constantly disturbed. In general, symptoms of sick fishes include but not limited to the following: exhibit abnormal behaviour; unusual movement and activity; poor food intake or spitting out food; fading colour; gasping for air and usually stays near the water surface; flashing or rubbing against the aquarium or tank surface; clamping of fins; ich or tiny white spots in the head; dropsy scales; rotting fins; sores and wounds. Remember that optimum health can only be achieved with knowledge on proper care and hygiene. There are a lot more that you need to learn about fishes. Watch out for my next article for more information.


By Greggy Rick Go, published at 07/12/2011
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