What Are The Causes And Treatment Of Alzheimer Diseases
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What Are The Causes And Treatment Of Alzheimer Diseases

Published at 01/10/2012 19:12:12

What Is Alzheimer Disease

What Are The Causes And Treatment Of Alzheimer Diseases

People who have Alzheimer diseases is suffering of a group disorder that has something to do with the brain parts where it controls thought, memory, and language. The rate the number of people suffering from this disease has grown through the years and it has been tragic.

The sad reality with this Alzheimer disease is that it gets worse as months and years pass by. Those who have this will most likely have language problems or the loss of their sense of time and place. The longer the person suffers from it, the more the people around him won’t be able to understand what he or she is saying.

The Causes of the Disease

What Are The Causes And Treatment Of Alzheimer Diseases

Until now, the exact causes of Alzheimer diseases are not known. What are certain are the effects of this disease which are loss of brain cells and changes in the cerebral cortex. The very active chemicals known as free radicals are known to form in the brain and damage the brain cells.

It is observed that this disease is also hereditary. If the father has it then it is likely that his children will have it too. Although some people say that genetics and aging problems are possible causes of this tragic disease which is bugging a lot of people even those are not even certain.  

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease

What Are The Causes And Treatment Of Alzheimer Diseases

In the early stage of this disease, symptoms can already be observed like the loss of memory, forgetfulness and spacing out. But people should not worry of having memory loss when you age which can also be normal. Not all memory loss is related to this disease.

Another symptom is having problems or difficulties in acquiring new skills or even carrying out complex or simple tasks. Some also would show a lack if initiative in doing things which can be manifested in withdrawal from any activity. A person with this disease will find it hard to follow instructions and their judgment can also be impaired.

These symptoms can be gradual or progressive depending on the condition of the person. 

How to Treat

There have been a lot of researches that are geared towards finding the right cure or treatment for this disease. Some of these researches have gotten some findings that may help identify people that may have risks in developing mild cognitive impairment. This impairment can lead to Alzheimer’s disease. But predicting the risk of getting this disease have sadly not found an effective cure to this disease as of yet.

There may been breakthrough that have been giving results about the disease but it still continues not to find the cure. But there are medications that may help slow down the progression of the disease and its symptoms. Drugs that are called cholinesterase inhibitors are now given to people with this disease. This works by slowing down the breakdown of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine levels. Anti-depressants are also prescribed to those patients just to help them with the depression that is caused by the disease itself.

There still no known cure for the disease up to this date. But hopefully in the near future there will be a cure for this kind of disease.


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