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What caused a disease to reappear?


It is a natural human instinct to get rid of a disease once they get infected by it. But as soon as the effects of the disease wear off, we start getting careless about the disease and even do not complete the medicine course saying that we are okay now. This carelessness could be very destructive as it could caused the disease reappear rather than making it vanish. This is when your case becomes complicated and you must be watchful before this happens. Let us tell you how to do so.


If you want the disease not to come back and you want to stay healthy and so first and the foremost thing you must do is to complete your medical treatment without being lazy as the medicines are there to kill the germs of disease from your body and leaving it in the midway process will not kill all the germs completely. Therefore you must let the medicine do their work in order to assure 100% health. Also once you have been attacked by a disease and you have been cured to complete health again, you must take a proper vaccination to stop the disease from reappearing. We have heard the famous quote which says “If there is a will, there is a way”. The same case with the reappearance of the disease, if you are not willing to let go of it, it will not be leaving you at all. Make sure that you are trying to get rid of it to your full strength. Prevention will you prevent you from spending a lot of money caused by a disease that keeps on hunting you.


Diseases might reappear generations after generation as well. Once the diseasesee such as cholera, measles, polio, diphtheria, mumps, tuberculosis and syphilis and whooping cough were a part of history that we used to either read in books or see in some old grandfather’s time movie but now we hear every other day a victim of these so called historical diseases, to be found in some part of the world. It is really a matter to worry about because if we are not well prepared to fight against the monster of reappearing of these diseases beforehand, then we might find it impossible to fight at some later stage. Thousands of lives have caused to wither because of these diseases.The answer to the question that what brought the disease back is mainly negligence and lack of vaccination. Although several efforts have been made worldwide to prevent these diseases to spread and to vaccinate each and every person properly, still it has been to some part the neglect of the health authorities that still a large part of the total population of the world is left un-vaccinated and has caused death to many people.

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To wrap whole the discussion into a nutshell, we must understand that what is done is done, we cannot make any amendment to that but what we can do now is to protect the coming generations. And for this, every person has to play their role. Authorities must work to kill even the tiniest possibility of its spread and every person should make sure to get them vaccinated. We should be vigilant because carelessness have caused many lives to disappear.

By stephanie ann zambrano, published at 01/21/2012
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