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The Relation Between Good Health And Disease

Good Health is a Treasure

We often hear people say, health is wealth. True enough, health is one of the most precious possessions a person could ever have. To function well a person has to have a good health to keep him from diseases that may hinder his productivity and ability to take care of himself and his loved ones.

Health and Disease

Health is a condition of one’s physical, mental and social well being and freedom from disease or abnormality. Good health then, is the soundness of mind and body in the absence of disease. If you ask people randomly what good health means, you are most likely to get answers that health for them means being free from illnesses, diseases and pains. Some people say they are healthy even though they take medications to feel that way. Disease is one of the factors that hinder people from functioning normally. It is an anomaly in the normal function of the body that has a specific cause and identifiable symptoms. These diseases are caused by micro organisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and other agents that can cause illnesses. In the early years, when people lived the simplest lifestyle and ate the simplest but nutritious food there could be, they seemed to have had the longest life span compared to today’s generation. As the years gone by and the world has been industrialized more people have adopted a diet of eating food loaded with sodium, fat, sugar and chemical additives. People’s stressful lifestyles associated with bad habits, pollutants in the air, water and food compromise ones health and make them vulnerable to diseases. Nowadays, the common health problems of the people were caused by their sedentary lifestyles. Few people get enough exercise. It has been proven that to maintain ones good health one must not forget to exercise.

Determinants of Good Health

The health of an individual is affected by a vast range of contributory factors. We call these as determinants of a good health. Here are some of the factors that may affect ones state of wellness:

  • Genetics – Some diseases or illness are hereditary. An individual may acquire a disease just before he’s born. An individual’s general health is determined by their genetic makeup.
  • Income and Employment – Statistics show that people who have jobs and are earning are more likely to enjoy better health than those who are unemployed.
  • Education – People who are illiterate or with lower levels of educational attainments will most likely be at risk of poorer health. They are more with the stresses of everyday life.
  • Environment and Where you live – Do you live in a place where clean water is adequate and safe? Do you breathe fresh air? Is your house comfortable, safe and clean?

How to maintain good health

Maintaining the soundness of mind and body to achieve good health and to keep away from diseases has so many factors to consider. Mental, physical and social healths are taken into account. Practicing a healthy lifestyle may not be as easy as drinking a glass of milk as it requires discipline and hard work. By doing simple lifestyle changes, within days you can start to look and feel better, have more energy, and think better. Change your lifestyle to help protect yourself from diseases and slow down your ageing process to live a healthier, happier and longer life. Exercise regularly combined with eating nutritious food. If you smoke, stop smoking. Smoking may lead to cancer diseases. If you drink, drink in moderation if you can’t afford stopping this vice. Do not forget to take your vitamins and religiously visit your physician to monitor your health. These are just simple steps but are quite challenging at first. You can always make health a priority to prevent yourself from acquiring such diseases. Promote health and disease won't be coming anytime soon.

By Felix Go, published at 02/13/2012
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