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Tips To Avoid Kidney Diseases

 The kidneys are located at back side below the rib cage. The kidney is considered as the excretory system of our body. This system play vital role in normal health as it serves to remove waste from the blood and regulate fluid levels in the body. So care should be taken in order to prevent the kidney diseases. Some of the measures that can be followed to prevent the kidney diseases are as follows:

The first thing to be noticed to have blood pressure checked regularly. Blood pressure has to be maintained normal so as to prevent kidney disease and as well as other diseases at its initial stage. Then how to keep control over blood pressure??? The easiest and simplest method is avoiding the intake of salt and sodium filled foods. But it does not mean that salt is not required.  Even certain amount of salt is necessary to keep our body functions normally.  So never avoid salt from your diet completely.

 If the family as history of high blood pressure or kidney disease, then it is better to inform doctor and check whether the disease exist.  Since these conditions can be heredity. If blood pressure exists on diagnosis, medication has to be followed whichever prescribed by the doctor.

Stay cautious for any changes in urine. If the urine color or smell or any other changes found or if any irritation cause while urinating, it is good to approach the doctor.  The above said symptoms are signs of urinary tract infection.  If these conditions are untreated, these will surely lead to kidney diseases in its later stage.

Even symptoms of anemia to be considered. The symptoms of anemia are frequent tiredness.  This condition is also taken in account in case of kidney disease. If it is not treated in advance; this can lead to severe problems

As a preventive measure it is better to test blood and urine with the help of physician every year. By this simple measure, most of the diseases related to kidney can be detected at its initial stage and other medical problems can also be prevented.

 In order to keep the body health normal, one should carry out simple exercises like walking, jogging, cycling. Just 30 minutes enough to make a great change in mind and body. Hence for normal body functioning, the exercise is important on daily basis.

Water is essential for our body and hence it is good to consume lot of water per day. Water flush out the whole body.  Moreover the kidneys vital function is to filtrate the liquid materials. If lot of water consumed, even the impurities present in the kidney can be removed from the body. 

Tips and comments:

 Various causes exist for the kidney disease to occur. In case of chronic diseases with kidney, it is highly complicated to treat the disease condition.  Hence it is good to follow preventive measures like routine checkup per year, lot of water consumption, simple exercises will make the life healthier and free from diseases.

By Meenasen, published at 07/14/2011
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